Christopher Kane stunned industry professionals with his dreamy Autumn Winter 2011 presentation at London Fashion Week. Models wore sheer dresses, skirts and tops which were shot through with sparkle.

The designer explained it was a look he’d been dying to recreate ever since he was a little boy lusting after a pencil case. The object of his affections was made from a fabric which boasted liquid glitter in it, something he was in awe of.

Christopher Kane F11 Christopher Kane F11 liquid dresses

“I never had one but everyone else did, and I was raging. It was like, ‘Mum, I want one of those!’ They were really glossy, with liquid and glitter inside,” he recalled to Grazia magazine. “We found this really amazing product that was exactly reminiscent of the liquid in pencil cases.”

Christopher’s pieces won’t be to everyone’s tastes as they were on the risqué side, with models donning transparent tops with no underwear beneath.

However, it is possible to achieve this look and still be demure during the festive season. Many high street stores have gauzy tops at the moment, so look for ones with glitter meshed into the fabric.

Nude or grey tones work best and it’s most flattering to opt for versions with sleeves. If you’re feeling daring, layer a pretty bra underneath, but for those who are more modest a simple lace vest in a matching tone shade works just as well. © COVER MEDIA