Rebellious school girl at Topshop Unique Autumn Winter 2014. Credit: Showbit

What: Topshop Unique Autumn Winter 2014

The front row: Anna Wintour, Sir Philip Green, Kate Moss and her sister Lottie, Kendall Jenner, MIA, Daisy Lowe, Poppy Delevingne

Inspiration: Rebellious school girl. Fresh, easy and cool.

Layers and bare legs. Credit: Showbit

The looks: The Topshop Unique customer was definitely a source of reference when the Autumn Winter 2014 collection was on the drawing boards. Model after model emerged with an air of insouciance that only the schoolgirl who couldn’t care less would possess. There were layers, button down shirts under warm and cozy wool sweaters, topped with huge coats and parkas that fell off one shoulder casually, not to reveal skin but more due to indifference. The hint of sheer fabric peeked under hems, as if to suggest a possibility of a risqué outfit below – for after school-hours.

Puffers, patchwork coats and vests were paired with short shorts and skirts, blatantly flouting any school rules. The shaggy outerwear had a hint of the Penny Lane character from Almost Famous. No polar vortex was going to stop the Topshop Unique girl from baring her legs, even if she had to pile up on warmth on top.

Grunge prom dresses. Credit: Showbit

So what does the rebellious school girl wear to prom, in the event she decides to attend? Taffeta skirts with socks and loafers for a formal look fit for a grunge princess. Of course she will push the boundaries, with sheer tops with tattoo-styled embroidery, covering just the important bits and showing everything else, including any real tattoos.

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