Top tip for restoring your damaged heirloom jewellery

That ‘uh oh’ moment; thankfully, there’s still a solution! Image: Choo Yilin

It happens: Your grandmother’s beloved jade bangle breaks. Or another family heirloom lies unworn in your jewellery box because it’s gathered more than it’s share of knocks and scratches.

Instead of leaving these damaged pieces of jewellery forgotten in some dusty box, why not take it to the experts for a new look, or to try to return it to its former glory? This new service by Singapore jeweller Choo Yilin does just that, for jade pieces and other precious gems too.

Titled “Project Heritage Conservation”, the service starts with a free first consultation with the design team of the local jewellery brand. During this appointment, you’ll discuss the possible options that you could explore based on your budget, while the expert team checks the condition of your prized gems.

Top tip for restoring your damaged heirloom jewellery

A jade bracelet refashioned by Choo Yilin from a broken old jade bangle. Image: Choo Yilin

The local jewellery label can add its unique Peranakan-inspired touches to this service too, should you decide to refashion your old family gems in a brand new setting or add other customisable details to your heirloom jewellery.

“What we offer is to restore old pieces that make family heirlooms even more personal, where each piece is an intimate reflection of the family’s story,” explains Choo Yilin, the principal designer of her namesake jewellery brand.

Precious metal can be melted down to repurpose the gems and gold from the original jewellery piece. Jade bangles can also be repurposed into new designs. Customers can opt to add precious stones to their jade bangles as well.

In one recent instance, a piece of jewellery was refashioned from the broken halves of a jade bangle into two separate bangles with ornate silver clasps for two cousins.

Refashioned pieces can become thoughtful gifts too. You’ll have to plan ahead though — it takes up to two months from order to collection. While it won’t be in time for Christmas, a repurposed jewellery piece can still make for a meaningful birthday surprise next year.

Prices for the Project Heritage Conservation service start from $800. Customisation costs for this service will be offset by the amount that your heirloom jewellery is valued at.

Email or call 6348 1010 to arrange an appointment or to find out more about the Choo Yilin Project Conservation Heritage jewellery restoration and customisation service. The first consultation is free. The Choo Yilin boutique is located at 331 Joo Chiat Road.