BeautyAsia, which for the uninitiated is Singapore’s only beauty trade exhibition that bills itself as the region’s premium beauty trade show, is back for its 21st year (yes, 21st!). The event, which runs from Feb 20 to 22, will bring together a range of beauty and wellness products culled from all over the globe, with hundreds of professional beauty service providers showcasing their latest products.

Sadly, admission is only open to trade professionals to network and purvey the newest trends and technologies, so consider this your insider sneak peek into upcoming trends. Here are our top picks to look out for on the shelves in the very near future:

DNA-customised skincare

Photo: Imagene Labs

There may be a wide array of skincare products in the market, but how many are customised just for your skin – and no one else’s? Enter Imagene Labs’ Ori testing, which promises to help you to make informed lifestyle decisions that suit you best. All it takes is a saliva sample – a painless, non-invasive test kit will be delivered straight to your home. Your so-called oriSKIN report will give you a summary of your DNA test results, with 10 traits covering 26 genes in skin health; think Aging (collagen breakdown, photoaging) and Sensitivity (dermal sensitivity and sun sensitivity). Based on your genetic blueprint, you’ll then receive a facial serum that’s quite literally tailor-made for your skin.

Beautifying coffee

Photo: Q&Z International Pte Ltd

This one’s for you coffee addicts – you’ll be happy to know that you can get your dose of caffeine and reap its benefits when it comes to your skin. The Premium Speciality Instant White Coffee (Beautifying) by Rainforest Regime is said to harness the revitalising properties of collagen to help promote skin lightening and rejuvenation, so as to give your skin a healthy and radiant glow. The rice extract contains nourishing substances like Vitamin E and ferulic acid, which are supposed to improve skin elasticity and remove impurities, on top of making your skin smooth and supple. In case you were wondering, the coffee does not have artificial flavour, dairy creamer and preservatives.

The coffee range also offers a variant that targets weight loss with natural extracts from raw, unroasted coffee, tea and white beans. Green coffee and tea contain naturally occurring antioxidants like chlorogenic acid and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), while white beans, the “starch blockers”, are said to prevent alpha-amylase (an enzyme in the body) from breaking down carbohydrates into glucose (sugar), so there’s less excess glucose for your body to turn into fat.

Enzyme crystal facial soap bar

Photo: Magic Beauty

A makeup remover, cleanser, exfoliator and mask all-in-one, Magic Beauty’s crystal soap bars contain natural enzymes that kill bacteria and boost your skin’s metabolism, as well as beta-glucan, which are said to activate the immunity cells lying below the dermis. You can choose from five types of crystal soap bars – papaya, tea tree, avocado, collagen and rose. They can even be used to solve embarrassing problems like body odour and dandruff.

Ionic infusion face mask

Photo: Hicare

Love using face masks but not convinced that the nutrients are well and truly penetrating your skin? Check out DeepSkin, which promises to use iontophoresis technology to transfer the nutrients of the facial mask sheet into your skin cells more effectively, so you can enjoy professional anti-aging facial treatment from the comfort of your boudoir.

The entire shebang will please techies, what with the skincare system comprising of a main unit with an electrode cable. This is paired with an exclusive mask rigged with an electrode clip for the cable, with the end result being a needle-free ionic injection that supposedly pushes the mask’s nutrition molecules into the dermis without any disruption to the skin. This technology from Korea is clinically proven to reduce wrinkles by 26 percent and increase skin elasticity by 14 percent, which sounds pretty impressive if you ask us.

Sugar powder nails

Photo: Nail Wonderland

So-called sugar powder nails is a popular manicure option that started in Japan and is now available through Nail Wonderland Pte Ltd in a set of three colours – a snow-like white, an elegant shimmering silver and a beautiful glittery aurora. The sugar powder set is a fuss-free way to easily achieve textured nails. Here’s how:

1. Use a coloured gel polish as a base.

2. Apply a non-white top coat (do not cure nails under a UV or LED light at this stage).

3. Scatter the powder and let it stick to the coat.

4. Cure your nails to let the 3D grainy texture show!

Voila! Who says you can’t DIY pretty nails at home?


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