Tomas Maier: Reinvention is terribleTomas Maier says “reinvention is terrible” if it takes away a brand’s identity.

The creative director of Italian label Bottega Veneta thinks wildly differing collections can confuse a costumer who loves the signature style of a fashion house.

The German designer wouldn’t want his clientele to feel abandoned because he revised the traditional Bottega Veneta look.

“All this reinvention is terrible. It doesn’t give a brand an identity, and that is bad for the consumer. A woman comes to you, spends a lot of money on one season, and returns the following season to find there is nothing even slightly similar. It looks like it was designed by someone completely different, for a different woman,” he told the August edition of Harper’s Bazaar. “I don’t want a woman to feel betrayed or look like a fool.”

Tomas wants clients to see his pieces as lasting investments.

The fashion creative likes it when women wear their new Bottega Veneta pieces with old favourites, like they have owned them forever.

“You can’t cheat a customer. She knows if she is getting something special. I like the idea of a woman coming back into the store five or six years after buying something, seeing that the piece is still there, checking the current price and thinking, ‘Phew, that was a great investment’.” he said.

“Once they buy it, get it home and put it on with some old shoes and that favourite cardigan, then that piece becomes them and it’s no longer us. Then I’ve done my job well.”