Here's how you can rock a striped outfit better with these easy tips

We promise that these key points will allow stripes to flatter your body shape and not make you look like a jailbird.

6. Amalgamate placement and colour

Saint Laurent striped cashmere sweater, US$1,392 (S$1,927.08) from Net-a-Porter

Now combine the previous two principles and put them to use. If you have an inverted triangle body type, this Saint Laurent sweater is a great example of how to play up to your strengths. The block of black at the shoulders and chest will help make them look slimmer while the (brighter) white stripes that follow help creation an illusion of a wider chest and hips. Perfect — as it reduces the focus on the broad shoulder region. 


7. Start small

If you’re just dipping your toes into the wonderful world of stripes and are not sure if you want go all out, well, don’t. Instead, start small and opt for a pair of stripe-trimmed pants, such as these from Gucci and Adidas. The vertical stripes along the side seams create a lengthening effect and adds stature. 


8. Don’t be afraid of colours

J.Crew striped stretch-knit skirt, US$115.33 (S$159.66) from Net-a-Porter

Once you’ve gotten comfortable with the idea of stripes, consider the colour mix. Black (or navy) and white is usually the most common pairing you’ll see in stripes. Why? It’s a combi that’s timeless and elegant, and will look good on most, if not everyone. But if you’d like to change it up and be that babe that stands out from the crowd, this multi-coloured J.Crew skirt will have you turning heads. But don’t go all rainbow from head to toe: Pair this with a solid coloured top for a classier look.


9. Stripes x Stripes

Now that you’ve mastered everything you need to know about stripes, it’s time to show off your skills with a stripe-on-stripe ensemble. Here’s an example but you should do your thing and explore different stripe widths, orientation and colours for intriguing mash-ups. We’ve gone with a Khaite horizontally striped cropped top with a Golden Goose wide-leg pants that has vertical stripes. Quick tip: Horizontal and thinner stripes tend to look better on the upper body while vertical, chunky stripes will look more aesthetically pleasing on the legs.