Tilda Swinton says stylists are fantasyBritish actress Tilda Swinton is famed for her unique androgynous style, which is purely her own vision.

Tilda doesn’t understand why stars have their own personal stylists to dress them.

“You mean there’s somebody in your hotel room who actually takes your clothes out of a suitcase and lays them out for you,” she mused in an interview with Stylist.com.

“Really? Or is that just a fantasy. There is nobody in my suitcase, but myself, I can tell you that.”

Tilda says it’s a different story when she’s on a film set, however. She puts complete trust in the costume designer.

The 51-year-old is currently starring in We Need to Talk About Kevin, which is based on the best-selling book by Lionel Shriver. Tilda plays a mother who recounts the events leading up to and following her son’s massacre of students and teachers at his high school.

“Costuming is a huge part of getting into character,” she explained. “The costuming is like the look of the person and you have to get the information across really fast about who this person is.

“Katherine George [the costume designer] had a very tough job with my character because my character ages over 15 years and so she like had to nail the development of this woman for over 15 years and we had a blast doing it.” © COVER MEDIA