TOKYO – Japanese fashion designers Sho Iwata and Hiroshi Takizawa created a collection based around the concept of “Garden” for Tiit Autumn Winter 2013-14 at Japan Fashion Week on Tuesday, March 19, 2013.

Despite the ungainly name ‒ which could mean something clearly inappropriate in English if you forget to add the extra “i” ‒ this Japanese label is all about a demure, soft femininity. According to the designers, the brand is an “imagined dream of daily life”; but it’s a restrained, neutral type of life.

Tiit Autumn Winter 2013-14 Japan Fashion Week DECOR 1
Tiit Autumn Winter 2013-14 Japan Fashion Week DECOR 2

The collection opened with a series of soft neutral-toned “pinafore” dresses in very loose shapes with little to no decoration (above top); the looks segued into a more 1960s vibe with high collars, long sleeves and short skirts.

From there the designers added texture via velvet, touches of lace, satin and knits then a jolt of large flower print in pea green, followed by blues, lavender and rose with a bit of a “chintzy” before returning to more neutral shades and “Little House on the Prairie” sprig-like prints (above). The inclusion of shorts not only reinforced the spring / summer feel but added to the “little girl” vibe as well.

The addition of more pastel shades of lemon, peach and more lavender continued to give the Tiit AW13-14 collection much more of a “spring summer” feel, as did the seeming lightness of the fabrics. A number of plain-cut coats ‒ in two lengths; a blazer and an ankle-grazer version ‒ didn’t much change the perspective. The coats in tan looked like old-fashioned “moving men” coats from 50s and 60s Britain, their shapelessness perhaps a study in concealing the female form?

The collection ended with a hooded duffle coat in beige with a printed trim over another lightweight skirt. Details throughout the collection gave viewers a reminder of traditional femininity ‒ shapeless little girl dresses, aprons, pinafores and loose coats. The Tiit Autumn Winter 2013-14 collection is for the woman who wishes to be soft, traditionally feminine and perhaps a little infantile.


The Tiit Autumn Winter 2013-14 collection was shown at Japan Fashion Week on March 19, 2013. For more information on the brand, go to; follow Tiit on Facebook at and on Twitter at @tiit_design. For more information about Japan Fashion Week, go to; follow it on Facebook at and on Twitter at @jfw_official. All images from Japan Fashion Week