There are many ways to ID a stylish woman. Perhaps it’s how she always plays the perfect bridesmaid thanks to the reception-ready pieces in her wardrobe. Maybe she’s her friends’ go-to for fashion advice (“wear this, ditch that.”).
But in all seriousness, the stylish woman has that uncanny knack for curating simultaneously desirable and practical sartorial pieces, even as the seasons come and go. Which is why we have a quick tip for you – always zero in on contemporary designs that don’t just look good now, but which will also look equally attractive in the many years to come.
The same can be said when you’re shopping for jewellery – because unless you’re an heiress to a billion-dollar trust fund, you wouldn’t want to drop thousands of dollars on a necklace you can only wear once. In other words: You should be looking for beautifully emotive pieces that you can finesse in a multitude of ways, for a multitude of occasions.
Here’s what you’re getting from the American luxury jeweller: Its iconic unisex bracelet (first introduced in 1971) has been reworked into an entire new collection that’s fresh and edgy, yet timeless; a range that will appeal to discerning dressers (such as yourself).
And if you’re someone who’s invested in the backstory of the pieces you purchase, know that the brains behind the HardWear range of bracelets, earrings and necklaces have looked to the vibrant and spirited streets of New York City for inspiration – apt for a chameleon-like collection that will speak to so many women.
In case you haven’t caught on: All of these stunning accessories (which come in sterling silver and 18k yellow gold) will blend seamlessly into any outfit from the work- and weekend sections of your wardrobe, which in turn means you wouldn’t have to spend time stressing over what accessories to pair with which dress (because they go with everything.)
And because we at herworldPLUS are all about giving you stylish solutions to looking poised and polished without breaking into a sweat, scroll down to see how the pieces can fit into your different looks. Have fun playing with the pieces in your mental mood-board, and #HappyShopping.
1. Dress, Victoria Beckham, $2,360.61 2. Pumps, Gianvito Rossi, $884.88 3. Tote, Mansur Gavriel, $1,259.09 4. Tiffany Hardwear wrap bracelet in 18k yellow gold, Tiffany & Co., $10,600 5. Tiffany Hardwear 12mm ball ring in 18k yellow gold, Tiffany & Co., $1,900
1. Off-the-shoulder striped top, Jacquemus, $389.61 2. Jeans, J Brand, $530.26 3. Sneakers, Saint Laurent, $668.10 4. Dionysus, Gucci, $5,450.32 5. Tiffany Hardwear bead cuff in sterling silver, Tiffany & Co., $675 6. Tiffany Hardwear ball hook earrings in sterling silver, Tiffany & Co., $515
1. Midi dress, Halston Heritage, $624.50 2. Sandals, Tabitha Simmons, $804.54 3. Clutch, Maison Margiela, $903 4. Tiffany Hardwear graduated link earring in 18k yellow gold, Tiffany & Co., $8,200 5. Tiffany Hardwear ball dangle ring in 18k yellow gold, Tiffany & Co., $2,900 6. Tiffany Hardwear large link bracelet in 18k yellow gold, Tiffany & Co., $9,850