Free T-shirts

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Let’s face it, we’re all guilty of keeping those old class T-shirts and free T-shirts from… everywhere. But how many of them do we actually wear? If you don’t even find them useful as pyjamas, you’re better off giving them away.

Ancient work bag


That one handbag that weathered the storm with you is now truly torn and tattered, but is still sitting in your wardrobe for old times’ sake. It’s time to move on. But throwing it doesn’t mean you’ll forget all about that darling, because #memories, right?  

Overworn sweater

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You may not mind a literally fuzzy sweater, but it sure doesn’t reflect well on you. Being sentimental versus looking put together – you decide.  

That tacky bodycon dress

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We’re pretty sure everyone has that one bodycon dress they used to whip out for ladies’ night, but the idea of wearing it now is preposterous. Well, not throwing or give away that dress sounds ridiculous too…

No-longer-white shirt

Photo: Mango

A white shirt is a wardrobe staple, but only if it’s pristinely white. Sometimes, you may not even notice the white has turned yellowish. Take a good look at your white shirts and decide which you should do away with.

First interview outfit

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Chances are, in an effort to impress your boss at your very first interview, you took the formal dress code too far, resulting in a cringeworthy outfit. If you can’t see yourself wearing any of the pieces again, you know what to do.

That gift you never liked

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Ah, the problem of receiving clothes as a present is all too familiar. Most of the time, they just end up collecting dust because we feel bad throwing or giving them away. But hey, no one will know what you do with them, as long as you do it discreetly.   

That expensive item you splurged on

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You were all starry-eyed when you finally got your hands on that Gucci bag. But something went wrong, somewhere. The feelings fizzled out somehow. If you’re keeping it just because of the amount you dished out, consider selling it. You’ll feel much better getting some of your money back, and knowing that your ex-baby has found a better home.  

Super high heels

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By this, we mean sky-high heels that are impossible to walk in without stopping every few steps. Let this be a lesson learnt that #comfort is everything. Not even the cutest pair of heels can spare you the angst of muscle aches and blisters.

That skirt you think you can eventually fit into

Photo: Mango

Instead of letting the skirt guilt-trip you or give you false hopes, decide once and for all if you want to work towards fitting into that skirt (and make sure you do it), or simply chuck it. After all, there are so many other skirts fighting for your attention.

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