Fashion trends come and go, but they are never completely the same which is why fashion is always interesting and fun. Three main trends for Spring 2014 have already been spotted on some of Korea’s top celebrities like actresses Kim Hee Ae, Yoo In Na, Gianna Jun and K-Pop sweethearts Miss A’s Suzy and Fei.

3 K-Fashion trends not to miss for Spring 2014 DECOR

From sporty outdoor clothes to feminine pastel dresses, here are three fashion trends that are super popular with Korean stars, and some tips on how to wear them …


3 K-Fashion trends not to miss for Spring 2014 PASTEL COLOURS

It’s time to get out of the dark colors that you favoured during winter (even if we don’t really have winter in Singapore); add some colour and “lighten” up with fresh, spring-ish clothes. Pastel colors are the best colors to emphasise a womanly, lovely, sweet appeal. From baby pink to mint, various pastel colours – which remind you of sweet macaroon cookies – have caught the hearts of fashion people this spring.

If you don’t know how to wear pastel colors, then watch and learn from celebrities. Actress Kim Hee Ae flaunted her sophisticated style in a sky blue one-piece at the ‘Secret Love Affair’ press conference. Gianna Jun, who has become the hottest woman in Asia since her mega hit drama ‘Love from the Star’, also chose baby pink this spring. She emphasised her feminine, elegant image in a simple pink one-piece that accentuated her slim body. If you want to try something trendier, try sparking pastel colors. Actress Yoo In Na expressed her sexy, glamorous appeal in a sparkling mint dress.


3 K-Fashion trends not to miss for Spring 2014 SPORTY LUXE

The Sporty Luxe style is at the core of Spring 2014. Instead of wearing your outdoor clothes in an ordinary way, mix-and-match them with a feminine item like a lace dress or floral skirt. The members of girlband Miss A also fell in love with sporty look. Suzy mix-and-matched her stadium jacket with a leather flared skirt, creating a funky girlish look, while her fellow member Fei also emphasised her chic, trendy image in a striped dress with a sporty feel.


3 K-Fashion trends not to miss for Spring 2014 AFRICAN PRINTS

The last trend that you need to pay attention to is the “Africa” theme. Many designers have suggested various ethnic styles inspired by Africa for Spring 2014. From ethnic patterns to fringe details, designers mixed various factors to express Africa through their garments. Geometric patterns are especially a must-wear item this spring.

If you want to try more unique, eye-catching style, then mix-and-match several different prints. If you mix the colour and folksy prints delicately, you can fully express the charming atmosphere of Africa through your outfit. If Africa-themed clothes are too much for you, then start with ethnic accessories. Make your simple daily look more eye-catching and trendier with a beaded corsage or fringed bag.

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