I love buying vintage clothes. The thing that got me started was this shopping website called Etsy.com. I would say I’m addicted to it. I log on every day just to see what new things the sellers have brought in.

The site, similar to Ebay, is known for its huge collection of vintage clothes and pretty handmade knick-knacks sold through individual sellers. My favourite? The dresses, of course. I know many people who would rather spend the money on brand-new clothes, but there’s just something about buying a piece of clothing from another era. Though it may not come into your hands in perfect condition – the lining may have holes, there might be a stain or two, the hem might be too long, and I’ve even had a dress sleeve tear during a meeting – but knowing that it was from another time and place, that it was pre-loved, and being able to imagine who made it or wore it makes it extra special.

I am partial to the silhouettes of the ‘50s and early ‘60s – cinched waists and full skirts do wonders for a plus-size figure like mine. Although it’s pretty hard to find bigger sizes because women seemed to have been tinier back then, it’s pretty satisfying when you find one in your measurements. I love that modern day designers like Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton  (my favourite collection, hands down) are embracing this ladylike look for their Fall/Winter 2010 collections, but somehow buying vintage makes it feel even more authentic. You’re wearing a piece of history.

In fact, I just received 2 dresses in the mail last night and they fit perfectly. I can’t wait to wear them to work!