Love a head of curls or sleek, straight strands? Whichever you prefer, the best hair looks start with the right tools. When using heat-styling tools though, there’s always the concern that your hair will become dry, frizzy or prone to split ends. While it’s true that heat styling can damage your hair, you can actually prevent such problems if you use the right tools.
Philips’ Sublime Ends range, comprising the StyleCare Sublime Ends Curler 38mm ($79) and StraightCare Vivid Ends Straightener ($109), is designed specifically to protect tresses from intense heat damage – even if you heat-style your hair daily.
The tools feature the brand’s unique Splitstop technology: a combination of its Unitemp Sensor and smooth ceramic plates. The former protects your hair from unnecessary heat exposure by maintaining an optimal temperature – according to the brand, that’s 20 deg C lower than the heat settings typically found on other tools on the market – throughout the styling process. The latter guarantees minimal friction for the ultimate protection against split ends and is enriched with keratin for added protection..

Philips Easyshine Ionic Styling Brush ($55) is no ordinary hair brush. This battery-operated tool reduces frizz, and adds smoothness and shine to hair by generating negative ions to neutralise the positive charge of static electricity. It has seamless round bristle tips that are gentle on both hair and scalp, and an ergonomic design for better handling experience.

Philips Sublime Ends range is available at leading electronic and department stores. For more information, visit