thakoon singapore fashion week m.jpgImage: Showbit

What’s the most fun thing you’ve discovered about Singapore?

The Gardens by the Bay! They look like the Ewok Village from Star Wars (laughs), where the glowing trees are. I could spend hours there – they’re incredible!

What’s your favourite Thai dish?

Boat noodles, a type of rice noodles I used to eat at the Floating Market (in Bangkok). The broth is really flavourful and spicy.

What’s your fashion week dress code?

It’s usually t-shirt, jeans, Nike sneakers and a sweatshirt. I love Uniqlo for basics, they make good button-up shirts that fit me really well.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for a fashion show?

I sent an intern to Paris to pick up a feather dress that we weren’t able to ship over (to New York) for the show. We were working with a feather couturier in Paris but we didn’t know that we had to get a fish and wildlife certificate from the US government to ship feather pieces in. But we needed to get it in for our show so we sent an intern to Paris to pick it up!

Most people start out working for a fashion brand before starting their own lines. What gave you the courage to launch Thakoon without any experience?

Nobody wanted to hire me as a designer because I didn’t have any experience. The courage came from wanting to prove them wrong and that motivated me to start my own label.

What’s one thing people are surprised to find out about you?

I used to hip-hop dance in college!

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