If there’s one part of your outfit that you shouldn’t overlook, it’s your sunglasses. A good pair of killer shades will cover up a multitude of sins and enable you to step out feeling fierce, confident and ready to take on the world, regardless of however sleep-deprived that may be. Also, lest we not forget, they serve a practical purpose to ensure we’re kept away from the harmful UV rays of our strong Singapore sunshine. 

So, how do you find that perfect pair which suit you above all others? It’s all about face shape and expressing your own personal style and, we’re here to help you out on both accounts.

There are four main face shapes: oval, round, heart and square and, knowing yours is the key to stepping up your style game a whole new level.




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With their symmetrical features, Beyonce and Rihanna are your style icons. Lucky you. Try out some edgy half-rimmed cat-eyes like RiRi or go vintage and elegant with an oval style like Bey.

You’ve got an oval-shaped face if…

Your face shape is symmetrical, getting slightly narrower at the chin and forehead. If this sounds like you, then give yourself a high five because you can pull off just about any style.

Frames that will suit you

Sunnies are the perfect way to add some statement style so don’t be afraid to go bold and playful. After all, being an oval means you can experiment and have fun with different styles so, if we were you, we’d make the most of it and start building up that collection. Having an oval face shape is also a big plus when it comes to trends as it means you’re going to be able to try out everything from the micro retro cat-eyes that have been sweeping over Instagram since the start of the year, to chunky and oversized, round and mirrored and everything in between.

What to buy

‘Sunglasses Mikey’ new collection from Zoff x Lisa Larson, $138

Roberi & Fraud cat-eye acetate mirrored sunglasses, S$189.52, Net-a-Porter




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With soft features, look to Mila Kunis and Emma Stone, who are both in the round face club.

You’ve got a round-shaped face if…

The width and the height of your face are fairly equal.

Frames that will suit you

As a general rule of thumb, you should try to avoid shapes which accentuate your own, so steer clear of round frames. The good news is, this means you get to have a whole load of fun experimenting with angular frames, which can be some of the most fun and fashion-forward out there. Oversized shades will also look great on you, as will anything rectangular, thick-rimmed wayfarers and cat-eye styles.

What to buy

Ray Ban x Steven Klein: Wayfarer Blaze, available Ray-Ban at #01-25, Plaza Singapura

New Wave LouLou sunglasses from Saint Laurent – price currently unavailable





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Take a leaf out of Margot Robbie’s book and get some wide cat-eyes, or go oversized like Lucy Liu.

You’ve got a square-shaped face if…

Your cheekbones, forehead and jaw are more or less the same width. You’ll probably have a supermodel-esque chiselled jawline too, which we’re not jealous of at all…

Frames that will suit you

Square-shaped frames are going to accentuate the angles of your face, so soften things up by trying a pair of circular glasses instead. The curves will balance out your cheekbones, giving you an oh-so-flattering contrast. Look for sunnies that are wider than your cheekbones, which will also suit you and help you get away with more angular styles like cat-eye. Large aviators, oversized styles and half-rimmed styles that’ll balance your jawline will also complement your features.

What to buy

Zoff circular floral sunglasses, $138

POPPY Sunglasses with gold metal frame and artistic print, US$477 from Chloe




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You’re in good company! Scarlett Johansson, Halle Berry and Reese Witherspoon all have heart-shaped faces, so look to them for style inspiration.

You’ve got a heart-shaped face if…

You have a wide forehead, angular cheekbones and a narrow, pointed chin.

Frames that will suit you

Look for sunglasses which are wider at the top than they are the bottom, as this will balance out your forehead and draw the eye downwards. Cat-eye styles are your match made in heaven as they’ll do just that, whilst providing a striking, playful look which your face shape can get away with. Wayfarers will also work for you as they taper inwards slightly at the bottom of the frame, as will styles with thick arms as they’ll be balanced out by your forehead.

What to buy

Thierry Lasry cat-eye tortoiseshell acetate sunglasses, US$ from The OUTNET 

Cateye sunglasses, $39.90 from Zara Online.