Being a mom is one of the most rewarding, if not, the most tiring jobs in the world. Like any job, there are days where getting out of bed is the hardest part of the day. You know how most of us struggle even to eat a proper breakfast? Try doing that and ensuring your kids do the same… all this while not forsaking your appearance either. Check out these 6 stylish moms and steal their style tips to look fab.


Tip 1: Black hides all sins

Photo: yoyokulala/Instagram

Not that this high fashion mom has any to hide, but we’re digging this all-black ensemble that somehow manages to look #girlboss, alluring and painfully chic all at the same time. The brains and beauty behind local label Exhibit, Yoyo somehow manages to jet around the world, manage a fashion label and be a mom, without ever looking anything but on-point.

The next time you’re stuck for something to wear, opt for an all-black outfit and juxtapose different textures like velvet and denim to keep your look fresh. Don’t forget to accessorise with statement pieces to pull the entire look together.


Tip 2: Sharp tailoring is where it’s at

Photo: pooburr/Instagram

We’ve followed uber-hip mom Stephanie Er since before she was a mom for her street-meets-luxe style and we’re not stopping anytime soon. Between running the highly Instagrammable A Juicery and branding agency The Creampie Club while caring for her little one, we’re in positive awe of how she flits between different styles and manages to rock every single one of them.

The common theme between all her outfits is how well-fitted everything is. In a pinch, even the simplest shirt-and-jeans combo can look fantastic if you ensure the tailoring of each piece is perfect. Remember, simple doesn’t have to mean boring.


Tip 3: Let your accessories do the talking

Photo: aarikalee/Instagram

Singer and songwriter Aarika Lee clearly knows the power of accessorizing, and we’re 100 per cent behind that! Too often we rely on our clothes to make a statement, but here, Aarika shows us how cleverly curated accessories can elevate even a simple tank top and shorts combo.

Plus, wrapping your head means not having to do anything more to your hair than giving it a quick spritz of dry shampoo, which means more time to spend with the kids.

Pro tip: if you can’t get your scarf to stay in place, use a wide headband and tuck the edges of your scarf under.




Tip 4: It’s all about the details

Photo: missmaywan/Instagram

Multi-hypenate mother-of-two May Wan is proof that that you don’t need to spend too much time overthinking your outfits in order to look fly – you just need to pay attention to the details. If you don’t want to spend your mornings rummaging around your jewellery box for accessories, then let your outfit pull all the weight by choosing one that speaks for itself, like this gorgeous Alice McCall dress that combines ruffles, prints and embroidery.

Just remember, the louder the dress, the simpler the make up.


Tip 5: Make prints work for your body type

Photo: kamanabhaskaran/Instagram

Take a quick peek at #girlboss mom Kamana Bhaskaran’s IG feed and you’ll quickly realise she is not afraid of a little lot of colour. She frequently rocks dresses and saris in the sunniest and boldest prints, which is a simple, fuss-free way to look like you put in more effort into an outfit than you actually did.

Just be sure to pick a print that flatters your body type. As a general rule of thumb, large prints tend to increase volume where small prints have a slimming effect.


Tip 6: Embrace sneakers

Photo: belluspuera/Instagram

Being a mom also means running marathons everyday, and with everything you already have on your plate, you are definitely entitled to a little bit of comfort, so forget your heels and swap them out for a pair of kicks instead.

The athleisure/ugly sneaker trend has made wearing sneakers practically haute couture, and as seen on the always stylish Velda Tan, can work even with more formal get-ups. Opt for sneakers made of luxe fabrics like leather or suede, and embellishments like crystals or embroidery to elevate your sneakers from the gym to the streets.