Whenever I am doing a round-up of the best #ootds we’ve seen on Instagram, Fann Wong’s account is one of the first I head to for inspiration.

It amazes me how she can make a simple and almost shapeless plain white dress look so classy and put-together, with no visible effort on her part to boot.

Case in point:


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And it amazes me even more that she’s managed to snag a husband who looks and dresses just as well as she does.

Case in point, part 2:


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So when we met the A-listers at Fendi’s swanky re-opening bash, we knew we had to ask them what’s the one fashion item they are obsessed with (just so we know what we should invest in for ourselves) and what they thought of each other’s style.

Watch the video to see the super sweet interaction they had with each other, and enjoy!