It’s suffice to say that being eco is a trend now – your favourite fashion brands are doing it, a wave of new beauty brands who champion the green movement at Sephora are now available and the rise of farm-to-table cafes are flooding your instagram feed. In the former department, Stella Mccartney has the final say because after all, she did it first. For anybody who is unfamiliar with the eponymous brand, Stella Mccartney has been doing fur and leather free products since day one. Yup, her iconic Falabella bag looks like real leather but it’s faux along with her most-wanted ‘fur’ coats from the winter collection that are all created to look and feel real…except they’re not. 

Her second store in Singapore that’s located at Paragon draws inspiration from Stella and her day-to-day living habits. A personal archive of images is displayed, a brass rail system located in store directs you from one corner to another (try resisting the variety of Falabella bags on display or the Sneak-Elyse, a new version of her iconic Elyse platform shoe) and bespoke cabinets are made out of reclaimed timber from Chinese railway and illuminated stacked glass. 

And if you’re wondering, yes. Most of the store displays and furnishing are all handmade and out of organic and sustianably sourced elements. Naturally. 

The Stella Mccartney store is located at Paragon Shopping Centre, #01-06 and opens from Monday to Sundays from 10:30am – 9pm.