Stella McCartney might move shows main.jpgStella McCartney has hinted she might move her catwalk shows from Paris.

The designer presented her pre-Fall 13 line in New York City earlier this week and last year she took a break from the Paris runway to show at London Fashion Week in February.

Although she is remaining coy about whether she will ever move her bi-annual shows permanently, Stella has hinted she might make things more fluid.

“There’s a side of me that loves showing in Paris, and another side that loves showing in London. And then tonight we’re in New York… I like having the freedom to express the brand, and when it feels right, to be in different parts of the world,” she told

“I don’t think it’s so much about those two shows anymore. I put as much effort and work into these presentations, to be honest. It’s not so strict anymore.”

She added that although she won’t be showing in London this February, it’s something she would definitely do again in the future.

Stella’s latest pre-Fall line was influenced by the ’70s, featuring velvet dresses, silk jumpsuits and jacquard jackets.

It was lauded by those in the audience, many of whom took the time to congratulate the designer on her recent OBE.

“I’m a little overwhelmed by it – I feel a little embarrassed, if I’m honest,” she admitted. “Whenever I get any kind of accolade, I feel humbled by it. But I feel lucky and privileged and I’m very happy.”

Stella couldn’t pick one key piece from the collection, instead saying there are several items she can’t wait to wear.

“There are just so many different emotions in this collection, so many pieces I desire. I love the more cocktail-y day looks, like that peacock-blue coat with the feather jacquard, and then the humour and sweetness of the big fluffy teddy bear sweater. I’m obsessed with the red coat. And the tortoiseshell shoes. I want them,” she laughed. – COVER MEDIA