Krystal (left) and Jessica are the new faces of Lapalette

The world has an obsession with celebrity sisters. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen; Paris and Nicky Hilton; Beyonce and Solange; and the list goes on. On the K-pop scene, a pair of sisters has also been creating a buzz.

Jessica and Krystal Jung are known individually as K-pop girl groups Girl’s Generation and F(x) members and together as the Jung sisters. The older Jessica may be SNSD’s resident ice princess but Krystal has also made an impact with her aloofness in public. Separately, the both of them have a enviable fan following. However, when the sisters combine their “powers”, their joint popularity shoots through the roof.

Unlike other celebs, it’s hard to get the Jung sisters to crack a smile 

Genetically (or artificially) blessed, Jessica and Krystal have worked as a team, gracing many magazine spreads and advertisements together, including an infamous campaign for Korean jewellery brand Stonehedge that supposedly was ripped off a shoot featuring Hollywood siblings Dakota and Elle Fanning.

The sisters recently starred in their own reality show Jessica & Krystal in South Korea and in one episode, the duo were filmed on the set of a photo shoot. The photo shoot in question was Lapalette’s Autumn Winter 2014 campaign – Jessica and Krystal have been chosen to be the muses aka faces of the Korean brand. Model Hyoni Kang had previously collaborated with the accessory brand and many K-pop celebrities like Miss A’s Suzy have been spotted toting Lapalette’s bags.

Jessica (left) and Krystal star in Lapalette’s Autumn Winter 2014 campaign

Surprisingly, the duo pulled off the preppy and whimsical bags with their trademark nonchalance – minus smiles. So if you are a fan of the Jung sisters’ easy casual style, the easiest way to emulate it is by starting with accessories. For Autumn Winter 2014, the bags adopt classic shapes and lines but are made modern with graphic details and pops of colour. 

Lapalette’s Autumn Winter 2014 will arrive in stores by September 2014. For a list of store locations, go to For more information, go to and follow the brand on Facebook at