Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Rebekah, I was previously working in the corporate world, 2 years in events and another 3.5 years in media before embarking on my ventures. I was talking to my friends and we realised we wanted to do something for ourselves instead of pulling the usual 9-5. We felt that our efforts would and should be the reflection of us and not the MNC companies we work for.

Share with us about your current ventures.

My first venture was a luxe canapés catering company called Food & Friendship, with 4 friends. There is an aesthetic element to it which led us to our second venture, Flora by F&F. This year, we embarked on our third venture, a restaurant bar, off Owen road, that serves up hearty fusion food in a friendly neighbourhood called The Palmary.

You have interesting names for your enterprises, how do these reflect certain beliefs/ philosophies that you hold in life.

The name Food and Friendship came about because we felt the two are synonymous. I grew up in a household where conversations mainly take place at the dining table. Since young, I’ve always linked food and eating with creating conversations, memories and experiences.

In turn, what do you think defines good food and friendship?

To me, good food and friendship is defined by a memorable and meaningful experience.

What sort of similarities do you see between food, friendship and life?

I think food, friendship and life all have that one thing in common – dedication.

A lot of time and effort goes into choosing the right ingredients the right flavours and combinations to put together a dish. As for friendship, time has to be invested as well to nurture it throughout changing times. A true friendship is one that remains constant and has the capabilities to withstand the test of time. As for life, every day we are faced with daunting tasks to take on and new challenges to overcome. To make a choice to wake up every day to create is a dedication to yourself and your life.

Life requires you to grow to learn from your mistakes to adapt to changing times and will constantly put you outside of your comfort zone.

How do you view our current society? In what ways do you wish to contribute to our present way of living?

I think it’s a privilege to have grown up in such a diversified culture and society. However, I do feel that the standard of living is high and it’s not a breeze to get by.

I feel that with food, peoples’ hearts are warmer; we don’t want to just feed the bodies but the hearts as well.

Give your future self a piece of advice or encouragement.

An advice I would give to my future self is that age is just a number.

Who inspired you to make the world a little bit better?

The person who inspires me is my grandmother. Coming from a humble background, she led a very selfless life. Her grit and tenacity made me feel the need to prove myself to her. Though she has passed on and that I wished I had more time with her, I hope that she is proud of me.

What are you most proud of being born in your generation?

I believe my generation was the transitional one to the digital era. Such a transition made all millennials really versatile and not afraid of change.

So to be surrounded by such amazing and inspiring individuals as my peers makes me most proud.

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