Following the latest trends can often feel like a continual burden. There are always so many different styles to keep track of, and then you have to somehow style it all up with your existing wardrobe. Or, you go out every season and buy a whole new wardrobe...ain’t nobody got time (or money) for that.

There is, however, an easier way.

Rather than blow your month’s wage in one afternoon at a mall keeping up with the fashiest, you can instead use some very clever but simple style hacks that will elevate your current ensemble.  Oh and luckily, we’re here providing you with all the tips you’ll ever need to do just that.  In fact if you want even more style hacks and fashion tips, we've got everything you can possibly want to know all in one convienent place, so go forth and explore the rest of our high street guide.

We have taken the 6 main trends for S/S 2017 and incorporated them into your attire for some extra style and an overload of sass.

Flourish in Fuschia

Hot pink is the ultimate colour this season, as shown on major runways. We’re not surprised of course, it’s powerful, bold, feminine and, of course, super bright. Whilst an entire block colour outfit of hot pink can seem rather scary, it’s actually much easier than you think.  Either go full colour in one dress or top ‘n’ skirt combo, or pick an item and mute the rest of your outfit to match. Plus, you don’t HAVE to head straight for the boldest pink going. You can play around with shades and find the right ‘pink’ that suits both your individual style and skin colour.

Get pink 'n' pretty with our below hot pink picks:

Bershka toga dress - $29.90

Bershka - $25.90

Zara - $89.90

Zara - $89.90

Stradivarius - $59.90

Team with kitten heels

We all rejoiced when we found out kitten heels were back in style.  Yes, we do love a stiletto but no, we do not love the pain and blisters they cause, particularly after a long day in the office. We are not advocates of ‘pain is beauty’! But luckily, there is a middle ground. Oh hello kitten heels, we’re so very glad to see you again. If you thought the middle ground heel meant frumpy and old, think again. The new Spring Summer shoes are the epitome of style - offering the wearer easy and instant fashion uplift for any outfit.

These will make for the perfect addition to your current shoe rack:

Stradivarius Mid-heel Metallised Shoes - $49.90

Stradivarius - $45.90

Zara - $45.90

Massimo Dutti Made In Italy Limited Edition Ballerina Flats - $295

Pull & Bear High Heel Sandals with Faux Fur - $79.90

Asymmetric Attire

We’re not suggesting you go cut off one of your sleeves but, if you did, you’d be bang on trend right now. For Spring and Summer, the asymmetric line is holding fort. The simplest and easiest way to upgrade (without breaking budgets) is to invest in a top with asymmetrical sleeves or shoulder straps. What we also like to do, especially in the morning rush for work, is just throw on an asymmetrical dress with some pumps. Fashionista - checked. Oh and we must add, if you need help in identifying an asymmetric neckline or any other neckline for that matter, our complete guide is a worthy bookmark!

These asymmetrical pieces are our picks this S/S ‘17:

Stradivarius, T-shirt with asymmetric sleeves - $29.90

Zara - $69.90

Massimo Dutti, One-shoulder black - $175

Massimo Dutti, One-shoulder white - $125


Rise of the Mini-Bag

Whilst larger bags are great for carrying everything we could possibly need, they often thus mean we end up with our entire household contents in there. You know the score - you gracefully pick up your handbag and then suddenly you’re walking lopsided because it’s so heavy.  We can happily avoid all of the back pain with this season’s must-have accessory: the mini bag.

Purchasing an accessory such as a handbag is the savvy way to elevate your current wardrobe into the newest trends, and with this lovely lot below, you won’t be breaking the bank either:

Pull&Bear - $29.90

Massimo Dutti - $225


Zara - $79.90


Bershka - $35.90

Massimo Dutti suede bag - $295

Ruffle your Tail Feathers

Ruffles are not only on point for this Spring but they’re also a delightful nod towards the Spanish heritage with the traditional flamenco dresses. Feminine, fun and a vision of ‘freedom’ we are in love with the ruffles - the more the merrier in our eyes. However, if you’re a bit tentative with ruffle overload, you can add one or two layers to a top or dress and still be on-point in the style stakes. The popular choice is a ruffle on each sleeve to keep things classy.

Check out below our favourite demure ruffle picks:

Pull&Bear - $39.90

Stradivarius - $59.90

Pull&Bear - $49.90

Stradivarius - $39.90 


Bershka - $49.90

Stradivarius floral top - $45.90

Top of the Crops

Given the weather...a crop top will be a staple every Spring and Summer. They’re cute, cheap, versatile and, well, there isn’t much material to worry about sweating or overheating.  Crop tops can be dressed up with tulle skirts and sandals for a night out or dressed down with ripped denim shorts and flats for a day at the beach.  When it comes to these bad boys, the world is your styling oyster. Floaty, floral, studded,  If you haven’t the energy, time or money to in search of some new S/S ‘17 trend pieces, then just buy a crop top or two and you’re sorted.

These are our top of the crops:

Bershka Sports Crop Top - $29.90

Pull&Bear - $19.90

Bershka - $19.90

Bershka - $35.90


Stradivarius blouse - $49.90

We don't know about you, but we want to purchase everything. Yes, all four crop tops are required, because, you just never know what 'mood' you'll be in. Luckily, the style inspiration doesn't stop here!  Our high street guide has so many other beautiful pieces - go check it out and fill your fashionable boots. 


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