Never in fashion history has it been so stylish to let our hoarder side show in broad daylight.

Across the Fall/Winter 17′ runways, designers served up the perfect solution to our disorganised ‘one bag can’t fit all’ dilemma: Carry two – nay, maybe three – bags. Celebrities and street style stars have started to pile up their receptacles all at once in an effort to emulate the trend…which means the masses quickly follow suit.

Furla is way ahead of us on this trend; carrying a range of chic and covetable bags of varying shapes and sizes for us to play mix-and-match with for its Fall/Winter 2017 collection and its upcoming Cruise 2018 collection as well.

So the way to wear your bag(s) this season is two or three at a time. We know what you’re thinking: How is it possible to make such a seemingly ridiculous – and extra – look work for the day to day grind?

Here’s what we’ve learnt; pairing the right silhouettes, textures and sizes together goes a long way in making sure that your built-up bag empire looks as fashionable as possible. Below, we lay out the cardinal rules to abide by in order to make your multi-bag look work in your favour.

What do you do when you’re on a never-ending excavation to hunt for your keys, wallet, phone, and…well, you get the point. Here’s what: you step forward in two bags; a smaller one to keep your need-to-access essentials readily up for grabs and a bigger tote for all other knick knacks.

The styling trick here is in the balance. Carry two equally large totes and you’ll look like you’re carrying someone else’s load. But when a dinkier crossbody meets a roomier counterpart carried by its handle, you get a super-chic, super-functional and multi-compartmental get-up.

Furla’s updated version of the Piper from the 2018 Cruise collection comes in a new geometric shape, a hidden clasp and a handle that’s attached by rivets to keep your office essentials (step forward, after-office party shoes) snug in its roomy interior. Pair it with the Furla Metropolis Arabesque for a decorative element to your look. This reinterpretation of Furla’s most iconic bag is composed of a stunning La Serenissima brocade fabric for its flap; a classy touch of detail that’ll surely spruce up your look.

Since the fanny pack trend is here to stay this season, here’s how you can milk it even if you don’t own one per se. We let you in on a hack that’ll instantly reign you in to the world of fanny packs — cost-free; simply take your average shoulder bag and tie a knot to tighten it around your waist.

For the ideal party look, wear your makeshift fanny pack (to carry all your last-minute touch-up essentials) around a classic LBD and top it off by schelping your “main bag” by its handle. It’s key to keep your outfit simple and less layered — the bags are the focus here.

Try out this look with a festive receptacle like this playful Metropolis Nuvola from Furla that’s made entirely from soft, pink faux fur. Grab another design of the Metropolis Nuvola — in all-over geometric black and gold brocades — by the strap to complete your fashion-forward ensemble.

Layer up your bags on the same shoulder by varying the length of the straps to mimic the latch-on bag-on-bag trend. If your bag already comes with adjustable straps, then enough said. But if not, you’ll just have to knot up your straps to give your entire look an effortless transformation.

We recommend playing mix-and-match with the opulent Furla Metropolis Nuvola and Arabesque. Decked in tiny embroidered butterflies and the same luxurious decorative brocade seen reflected across other designs from Furla’s Cruise 18′ collection, this particular Metropolis Nuvola design is rich in feminine details. It goes perfectly with the Metropolis Arabesque that’s part-leather, part-print, conjuring up a beautiful ornate look when paired together.

The Furla Elisir is a new addition to Furla’s signature wall of bag silhouettes. It has a shoulder-strap rich in intricate details, a small metal bar handle, and a classic hidden clasp. But here’s our favourite part: the charming receptacle even comes with a knacky strap-on mirror. All hail on-the-road touch-ups! For the Cruise 18′ collection, this bag is presented in two different fabrics: metallic python print, and classic Fleu leather.

When it comes to the multi-bag trend, it’s key to experiment with juxtapositioning fabrics and colours for added interest and personality. For the epitome of a texture/colour combination which works, style a solid-coloured Elisir with its more exotic counterpart in gold-inflected python print for an opulent yet creative match made in heaven.

With that said, we also encourage adding more character to your look by opting for bags of different silhouettes and shapes for further distinction between the styles. Get creative — there’s nothing wrong with playing mix-and-match here and there when it comes to the bag-on-bag trend.

Furla Fall/Winter 2017, available at ION Orchard, Paragon, Takashimaya, Raffles City Shopping Centre and The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.