The show notes spoke about “graphics inspired by the world of informatics”. If the show notes were accurate, the inspiration for Fendi Spring Summer 2014 show would be in tuned with the Italian’s fashion house’s launch of their interactive innovative digital platform Fendi Life.

So why was there a waterfall at the end of the runway? There didn’t seem to be a link with the waterfall and the so-called informatics until Cara Delevingne opened the show in a look that clicked immediately. Layered laser-cut organza – each piece in a slightly different tone of red to form a spectrum from red to white – formed a floating vision that resembled cascading waves. Cue waterfall reference.

When Lindsey Wixson appeared just a few steps behind Delevingne in a one-shouldered longer version of the first dress, her trademark pout almost recognisable due to the same choppy bowl wig that all the models wore – we were hooked. Each look played with the layers of organza with an overall effect that wasn’t bulky but instead almost ethereal and with an clever weightless appearance. The hemlines of the various pieces followed the path of light being refracted as it passed through water and this made for a glorious leather jacket on Julia Nobis.

Intricate tiny laser-cut floral patterns appeared and so did digital circuitry-themed print, moving the show into a more futuristic mood that had a faint whiff of Tron: Legacy. The organza took on a more structured shape but the languid movement wasn’t lost. We also particularly liked the A-line skirts that had a playful gauzy overlay.

Delfina Delettrez, daughter of Venturini Fendi and jewellery designer, contributed the most amazing fur pieces to the show, working with the fashion house proper for the first time. Super cool fur earrings and stacked cuffs adorned the models’ ears and wrists. Mink was also featured on certain pieces in geometric patterns for what must be the lightest fur jacket ever made – perfect for spring.

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