If you’re one who’s perfectly satisfied working from home in pyjamas or yoga gear, here’s a peek at the other end of the spectrum. Amid her busy schedule of preparing for upcoming launches for SocietyA’s fifth anniversary collab series (x SocietyA), and helping her kids with home-based learning, SocietyA founder Pek Lay Peng shares with us her ultra-chic yet practical WFH looks.

How would you describe what you wear to work in five words?

Sharp, chic, fun, happy, serious.

What do you wear for an online meeting? 

My team always proposes interesting dress-up themes for our online meetings to set a fun mood, and I try to join them as much as I can. We recently did one with towel-wrapped hair and a coffee mug. I find this really good for bonding. 

I treasure comfort as well, so I like silky lounge outfits or comfortable dresses that don’t look odd in the home environment. For me, definitely no pyjamas! The right dressing sets the mood.

What are your three go-to pieces for work?

What are you buying online now? 

I’m into self care, so I’ve been purchasing a lot of beauty products! I love facial masks and I use brands like AHC, History of Whoo, Dr Morita, JM solution, and Hera. For serums, I like Guerlain Abeille Royale Youth Watery Oil, Skin Inc serums, Rooki Beauty Sun Eraser Glow Drops, VA Skincare Vit c serum and Collagen serum. I’m also using Kanebo Exceptional Lotion and Cream (love the scent), La Mer Treatment lotion and concentrate! 

And of course, I buy groceries for the family too.

What are your must-have brands?

I always go for design over brand so I appreciate well-thought-out and well-made items. My latest happy purchase would be the Spring Summer collection pieces from SocietyA’s brands *screams*.

What do you spend your money on?

I like spending on good-quality pieces that have a strong story. 

What is your biggest splurge?

Jewellery! No two jewels are the same and the right piece will speak to you – it’s that feeling when your heart skips a beat.

What’s your trick to looking sharp and professional in a work/formal environment?

It’s important to dress well from head to toe, and pay attention to the details. How one presents himself/herself tells me a lot about the person. The first impression based on what you wear is always important – it’s like an introduction to the person. It represents your taste and how much thought you put into meeting me.

Basically, anything well-tailored would help. 

Any celebrities you look to for style inspiration?

Their genuinity appeals to me. They always maintain a human connection even when pulling off experimental or relaxed off-duty looks, which is very important to me. 

What’s on your wishlist?

For now, a breath of fresh air after the Covid-19 virus pandemic subsides! 

What fashion-related thing would you want to do once the circuit breaker period is over? 

I want to try my hand at styling a shoot for SocietyA. I would like to showcase how our customers can display their own unique styles by mixing and matching different pieces from the various brands that we carry.