Far from being a fad, the one-piece swimsuit trend is here to stay and brands are giving it a leading role in their new collections. Here is a look at some of the most glam models out there.

Materials, shapes, cut-outs, the one-piece bathing suit is gaining in elegance, occasionally going so far as to relegate its primary function, swimming, to the sidelines. Some of them are so glamorous that they are in fact more for tanning and modeling on the beach or by the pool than for jumping in.

Revisited by many designers, the one piece today is feminine as ever, allowing women the possibility to play diva all the while camouflaging their complexes. The less shy, who live to show off their curves, can opt for very revealing models, with cut-outs around the hip or stomach areas, or both, and plunging necklines.


Latest swimsuit trends show the one-piece is back DECOR 1From left to right: The one piece printed swimsuit by Mademoiselle R. and Liberty for La Redoute. The Zanzibar one piece by Darjeeling. Billabong’s Sundial swimsuit from its Medallion line.

Modernising the one-piece swimsuit was a process that obviously entailed changes in shape, cut and material, but also, and importantly, by the introduction of colors and patterns of all kinds.

As is the case with ready-to-wear, swimsuits, be they small or XXL, in daring colors or in black and white, are covered in floral prints. The floral motif notably stars in the collaboration between Mademoiselle R., a brand by French online fashion retailer La Redoute and Liberty, which presents floral prints on a one piece that is lightly bunched at the chest thanks to a black and gold elastic, giving it a bohemian-chic look. The swimsuit has adjustable straps and retails for around $75.

In most cases, it seems like brands are going all in and there is an abundance of choice when it comes to colors and prints. This is definitely the case with Darjeeling, which offers the Zanaibar swimsuit in a zebra print with an opening between the breasts for an added touch of sexiness ($100). For its part, Billabong is clearly playing the sensuality card and going for a sexy vibe with its Sundial One Piece swimsuit, issued from its Medallion line. This trikini, with openings at the hips and colorful geometric prints, sells for around $98.


Latest swimsuit trends show the one-piece is back DECOR 2From left to right: Mesh and lycra one piece swimsuit by Seafolly, available in black and white; The one piece swimsuit by Maison Lejaby.

Other brands are keeping it simpler, elevating the one piece from a swimsuit to a fashion creation that can almost be worn with a skirt, pants or shorts, like a bodysuit. This would be ideal for going from the beach to the bar or restaurant in not time.

Offered in sober colors (black, white, beige, powder), these models often include elegant extras like mesh or lace to enhance swimsuits that play on transparency, coverage, superposing and pleating. Maison Lejaby available from Chalone boutiques in Singapore offers such a one piece, entirely black, decorated with a semi-transparent ring near the stomach ($270).

Australian brand Seafolly is also betting on simplicity with its sporty Mesh About collection. Among the standout pieces is a mesh and lycra one piece swimsuit, available in black or white, that plays on transparency and includes a wiper in the back for an extra fashion bonus ($240).

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