Their creations have wowed you – now it’s time to meet the faces behind our very own homegrown Singapore fashion labels.

In Part 3 of the Designer Files, we profile the designers and teams behind a mish mash of both well-known and up-and-coming Singapore fashion labels. Here the brains behind Dzojchen, Max Tan and Sabrina Goh – and Youyou and Kaylene show you their personal style.

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Designer Chelsea Scott-Blackhall is wearing head to toe Dzojchen; boots from Spring Summer 2014 Dzojchen collaboration with Diamond Walker; rings and necklace from Drake & Barnett, Buddha to Buddha and Turkish markets and a Project Shop Blood Brothers bag.

Singapore’s ability to merge multiple elements – is what Chelsea loves about Singapore. She says: “Old meets new, City meets Island, East meets West. There’s a mixture of different cultures, lifestyles, food, entertainment, and even business opportunities.” Ann Siang Hill holds a special place in Chelsea’s heart. She grew up there and fondly remembers her childhood in the area that she feels “still hold rich and true, the essence of what Singapore was and is”.
Images: Wesley Kow


Max Tan is wearing a Lyke Lihood top from Hong Kong, Theatre bermudas, a cap from Cotton On and Puma by Alexander McQueen sneakers. His friend Cherry Ju is wearing a coat from a special exhibition Max Tan is doing for NAFA’s 75th anniversary exhibition, a MAX.TAN skirt from the Autumn Winter 2013 collection, H&M hat and top, an Alister Yiap necklace and shoes from an unknown brand.

The old NAFA campus on Middle Road is Max’s favourite building. The old campus is an eclectic mix of street art and industrial architecture; and it was where performing arts, fine arts and fashion students interacted freely with each other. “My most memorable National Day moment was when I showed at the Copenhagen Fashion Week last National Day. My small team of three pulled an entire show together ‒ logistics, backstage, reception, hair, mixing and lights. We pulled it off and impressed many with how efficient Singaporeans are!” says Max.
Images: Wesley Kow


Both YÒUYÒU designers Jaclyn (left) and Zhiying (right) are dressed in YÒUYÒU Spring Summer 2014 collection. Jaclyn wears Topshop booties; Zhiying’s necklace is from Singapore jewellery label Mandy Wu, and her H&M booties are actually Jaclyn’s – she also wears a graphite and carbon fibre wedding ring.

Singapore’s diverse racial mix and culture is an important source of inspiration for the Youyou designers. Jaclyn says, “We’re often pleasantly surprised by what we chance upon – for example, a beautifully woven metallic jacquard material we unexpectedly came across at Mustafa shopping centre was on adapted into our upcoming Autumn Winter 2013 collection.” The Red Dot Design Museum is where Zhiying re-discovered her love for design. It was also where YÒUYÒU had their debut public showcase of their very first collection and the striking red façade and name reminds her of Singapore.
Images: Wesley Kow


Eileen Yap, the Noël Caleb designer is wearing Noël Caleb head-to-toe with Shoe Mint shoes.

“Singaporeans are warm people,” says Eileen. “We provide personalised fittings and styling services to our customers at their homes and offices and they are very receptive, even baking cakes and pastries for the sessions.” Seeing the whole of National Stadium light up is Eileen’s favourite National Day memory. She recalls, “Watching 50,000 people singing National Day songs and doing the Kallang wave each holding onto a coloured torch light was amazing!”
Images: Wesley Kow


Kayde Ling, owner and chief designer of Kaylene, wears a Kaylene dress and belt with pearls. Her shoes are from Prada and her watch is from Rolex.

The National Museum is a place extremely special to Kayde – the museum is where her first date with her husband took place! Wearing red and white, reciting the pledge and singing the national anthem at school is Kayde’s treasured National Day memory. She shares, “I was reminded of how proud I am to be Singaporean and we are truly united as one, regardless of race.”
Images: Wesley Kow