It’s sad to say that we’ve all been there when it comes to the mistreatment of our branded bags or shoes. Spilled wine whilst drunk? Yeah, it has happened to the best of us. Left a bag on the sofa only to have your furry friend treat it like a chew toy? Yup, shameful but it’s happened. Bag lining peeling off because of our humidity? It’s hard to find someone who hasn’t had this happen to them. But thankfully, that’s where local store, Honest Crafters comes in.

Pictured above : A customer’s Celine bag which met her cat’s overenthusiastic rough playing. Package price which includes  repair work, exterior cleaning and leather and metal polish starts at $149. 

Founded by Grace Guo in 2016, Honest Crafters is comprised of a team who have been restoring and repairing leather goods for over ten years and no amount of abuse our bags take is a problem to them. In fact, they’re seen every problem under the sun – cat scratches, dog bites, oil-based drawings by your over-enthusiastic nephew and even bags which have been slit open by pickpockets from overseas countries


Pictured above : A customer’s Miu Miu bag that has been recoloured to its original colour. Package price which includes stain removal, colour touch up, exterior cleaning and leather & metal polishing starts at $179. 


The process is decidedly simple too – Take two to three pictures of your bag (including full shots and a close up shot of the problems), whatsapp it over to 9787 9271 and get a quote. From there, drop it off at their Plaza Singapura store (they share it with Gracious Aries at #03-49) and sit back as their team of repair people get to work on your bag. Waiting duration ranges from 5 – 10 days for simple repair and cleaning services, 2-3 weeks for restoration services and 1 – 3 months for major revamps.


Pictured above : A customer’s Coach bag that has gone through a mould-removal cleaning process and moisturising. Package price which includes exterior polishing, and leather & metal polishing starts at $96.


Or, if you have five or more items (not limited to bags, wallets, shoes and belts and they don’t have to be luxury ones), Honest Crafters will arrange a free pick up from your home to their convenience. If you’re lazy to head down, it’s a flat fee of $30 for four items or less.

Pictured above : A customer’s bag that has had its lining redone. 


Visit Honest Crafters today at Plaza Singapura, #03-49, Gracious Aires from Mondays to Sundays from 10:30am – 10pm.