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Meet Ameerah Smith, the Singaporean model-chef of Arab and African-American descent, who is a rising face in the local modelling industry. Like the four other fresh faces in this five-part series, Smith strives to not only be a supermodel, but a super role model too


In this five-part series, we've picked out five local faces who all have one thing in common: They're reflective of changes in one of the most change-resistant industries - modelling. It's a business that, until recently, stuck to its own and championed only one kind. Now the playing field is more inclusive, and the "standard issue" model is no longer the standard. What is: Being unique and having a daring attitude - qualities the five ingenues here have. Oh, another thing: They'd rather be super role models than supermodels.

This first part stars Ameerah Smith, 23:


Photo: Elvina Farkas / Anue Management


“I strive to consistently better myself in all aspects of my life. That's why I am working as a chef, waitress, and model."


The pint-sized Smith, who stands at 1.65m (minus the additional height of her natural Afro), is definitely not industry-standard. But you know what? The part-Arab, part-African-American, all-Singapore girl doesn’t care. She thrives on challenges.

When she discovered that she had a flair for cooking, thanks to her grandma, Smith entered the food and beverage industry at 14. She became the first under-18 student at culinary school At-Sunrice Global Chef Academy. To challenge herself more, she specialised in baking rather than cooking, because the former is more exacting.


Photo Credit: Audi Khalid | Hair & Makeup: Sha Shamsi


She’s now working as both a pastry chef and a waitress in a bistro, and models too. She cites her Philadelphia-based African-American father as one of her inspirations. “He used to be a chef, is now a musician, and occasionally grooms backyards for fun. He showed me that I, too, can do more than one thing at the same time.”

She started modelling after a makeup artist friend used her as a face model. Subsequently, she was approached for more assignments. Now, she is saving up what she earns from modelling, learning how to cook Malay, Chinese, and Indian cuisine from a chef friend, and aims to open her own pastry restaurant in Toronto or Philadelphia by the time she’s 35.


Photo Credit: Audi Khalid | Hair & Makeup: Sha Shamsi


“I like the culture in Toronto, but I also want to be where my father is based. I hope to first excel and achieve fame as a model, then start my restaurant, and hopefully be a celebrity chef. It's a small dream of mine."


This story first appeared in the August 2018 issue of Her World.

Photography: Elvina Farkas/Anue Management

Styling: Bryan Goh

Hair: Jimmy Yap/Kenaris Salon, assisted by Amanda Sim

Makeup: Melissa Yeo, using Chanel, assisted by Nikki Koh

Outfit: Shearling hoodie, $3,100, and Dreamer Tote 52 in leather, $3,200, both from Coach.