Known for her happy-go-lucky attitude and cheerful disposition, the designer of emerging Singapore fashion label Rêvasseur, Gilda Su, has generally expressed her personality in her clothing designs and colour palettes.

The Faraway Collection, her first shown in Singapore, established the designer and her brand as being bright, bubbly and focused on chirpy colours, mixed patterns and “interesting” cuts. While this look was a winner with college kids and other lovers of quirky looks, it was less accessible for the average shopper.

The brand’s name means “daydreamer” in French, and Gilda says her aim is to bring “fun back into fashion, to encourage its wearers to experiment and to make a statement with a personal style that is uniquely theirs.”

With many of the pieces in the first collection clearly bearing the designer’s personal signature, this aim was perhaps less than successful; the current collection in store has a distinct, overly obvious nautical theme for summer, again perhaps less successful in convincing the less cheerful among shoppers to snap it up.

Revasseur AW13-14 Save the Sofa collection DECOR 1
Which is rather a shame since Rêvasseur is one of the best finished and constructed of the recently emerging fashion labels coming out of Singapore and based at the Parco Next Next fashion incubator project.

Luckily Gilda’s latest collection, Save The Sofa, for Autumn Winter 2013-14, is much more wearable. Despite being based on a typical Gilda-story of saving her father’s favourite furniture from being chewed to pieces by her new puppies, the resulting collection has a number of excellent, wearable, pieces.

The darker colour palette combined with “sofa” fabrics like brocade, wool and bouclé have allowed the designer to work with more structured, flattering shapes. There are a number of particularly good jackets and coats – Gilda did train at both Bunka Fashion College and Parsons the New School of Design, after all, so she knows how to cut – and some nice shirts and skirts.

Revasseur AW13-14 Save the Sofa collection DECOR 2

One standout piece is a royal purple dress with raw edges, a bejewelled collar and studded hem (pictured above left); another is the deconstructed coat in a brocade-like print and more raw edges. The addition of digital prints featuring the puppies in question – Haru and Sora – while being clever commercial pieces, don’t add much depth to the overall range of the collection however.

Still, in a move that is completely “Gilda-like”, pieces from the “ADOPT, save a life” print series – dedicated to drawing “attention to the plight faced by street dogs and cats, and to encourage people to save the life of a stray, instead of buying from a unethical pet store or mill” will have partial proceeds donated to an appropriate animal charity.

As with many young fashion labels, it’s clear that Rêvasseur is an on-going work-in-progress. There is always the need for designers to balance creativity with commercial reality, and runway wow-factor with wearability.

With the new collection for AW13-14, one gets the sense that this new brand is on the path to getting the balance right. Rêvasseur’s recent showing during Seoul Fashion Week AW13-14 saw a great deal of interest from buyers in the brand; something that’s highly unusual for a label with only a couple of seasons under its belt.

By “saving the sofa”, Gilda may have also saved her brand.

Rêvasseur is available from Parco Next Next in Milenia Walk, Level 2, #P2-30A and at the designer’s atelier by appointment only; call 9773 4542 to book. For more information about Rêvasseur, go to You can Follow the brand on Facebook at and on Instagram at @revasseur.