Singapore emerging fashion label Depression has long been known for its somewhat haphazard attention to, and reference towards, the bodies of its customers; creating oversized, asymetrical and disproportionate cuts in its ready-to-wear collections, Depression has never been a label for the faint-hearted.

Designers Andrew Low and Kenny Lim have taken this wayward attitude towards the body one step further with their designs for Depression Autumn Winter 2013-14. Entitled ‘Dysmorphia’ the duo have attempted to make the wearer’s body appear smaller than it really is by using a combination of monochrome tones and graphic stripes.

Singapore FASHIONlabel Depression Autumn Winter 2013 DECORDepression Autumn Winter 2013-14 collection of womenswear and menswear is entitled “Dysmorphia”. Images: Depression

The concept works best in the pieces when cleverly placed inserts of black against white give the illusion of a slimmer body ‒ something just about every woman is aware of ‒ this is particularly successful in a pair of trousers and another pair of tracksuit pants.

Insets of black and white stripes on short, baby-doll dress also work surprisingly well, as does a white bib-front inset into a black short sleeve shirt.

The conceit of a miniature tee or shirt set in a contrasting colour-way onto shirts, tops and tees is a clever idea when it works ‒ as it does remarkably well on a number of pieces including a drawstring waist dress, the aforementioned top and on a long-sleeved men’s version.

Singapore FASHIONlabel Depression Autumn Winter 2013 DECOR WOMENDepression AW2013-14 womenswear pieces. Images: Depression

However in some instances the conceit becomes a gimmick when its usages to too obvious like the mini tee t-shirts, a women’s button-up short-sleeved shirt, its long-sleeved menswear counterpart and most glaringly on large, oversized tees with pointless attached braces; these instances look too “novelty” for the rest of the collection.

Still, Depression is well-loved for its often irreverent and almost childlike sense of humour, so its dedicated ‒ some could say obsessed ‒ fans will be sure to snap them up. There are also the signature Depression “drapey” pieces; long t-shirt dresses with slashed cutouts, oversized tees and baggy pants, full “pantaloon” shorts and pleated “bubble” skirts, as well as some interestingly baggy leather pieces ‒ shorts and singlets for guys and girls.

Singapore FASHIONlabel Depression Autumn Winter 2013 DECOR MENSDepression Aw2013-14 menswear pieces. Images: Depression

Once again Depressions footwear has come up trumps. Still only in its third season, Depression shoes are continuing to improve, becoming more refined in concept and more elegant in line. The unisex concept remains ‒ all the shoes, regardless of colour or heel height are available in men’s and women’s sizes ‒ but this season’s option has a quirky mix of black, white and striped leathers featuring a separate heel, something new for the label known more for its clunky flatforms.

Singapore FASHIONlabel Depression Autumn Winter 2013 DECOR SHOESDepression shoes for Autumn Winter 2013-14. Image: Depression

Overall, Depression Autumn Winter 2013-14 is one of the team’s better collections. Sticking to its signature monochrome palette, adding optical illusions and yet offering more generally wearable pieces is a good move for the brand.

Dedicated Depression lovers will find plenty of baggy, drapey black jersey pieces to keep them happy, but shoppers looking for something a little more tailored and dare I say, “office appropriate” should also check out this season’s collection.


The Depression flagship store is located at Cineleisure Orchard #03-05A; Depression will also be showing at Singapore Fashion Week’s trade show Blueprint 2013 located at the Pit Building. For more information about Depression, go to You can follow the brand on Facebook at and on Twitter at @DEPRESSIONcomsg.