The oft-heard description of Singapore as a “garden city” ‒ coined by Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew when he first imagined the ideal city landscape in 1968 ‒ has become reality with flower-bedecked roadsides and new attractions like Gardens By the Bay.

Now, you can wear a personal piece of the garden city with Poh Heng’s Garden Sonnet, a jewellery collection inspired by these familiar flowers.

Singapore flowers inspire Poh Heng's Garden Sonnet jewellery
(L-R): Garden Sonnet Bougainvillea, $2,380, Garden Sonnet Ixora, $1,280, Garden Sonnet Kopsia, $3,880 and Garden Sonnet Malabar, $780. All images: Poh Heng

To give these gems a life-like appearance, the Poh Heng Garden Sonnet jewellery line renders each petal and vine in three dimensions. You can feel the arch and curve of each pendant, elegantly crafted in stylised representations of Singapore flowers.

Highlights of the collection include the Garden Sonnet Bougainvillea (seen on the left above, $2,380) which features a delicate swirl of bougainvillea flowers on its diamond-studded pendant. A trio of rubies represent the natural fuchsia vibrancy of these flowers, while making the flowers sparkle. The pendant’s three-dimensional effect makes each flower stand out too.

Singapore flowers inspire Poh Heng's Garden Sonnet jewellery

(L-R): Garden Sonnet fern, $2,380, Garden Sonnet Cerbera, $510, and Garden Sonnet Periwinkle, $1,160 from Poh Heng Garden Sonnet Collection

For gifts to please your mum, look to the gold and jade pieces from the Poh Heng Garden Sonnet collection.

The humble fern is transformed into a stylised leaf inset with diamonds in 18k yellow gold on the Garden Sonnet fern necklace (on the left above, $2,380), with a pear-shaped piece of jade dangling at its end like a ripe fruit.

The periwinkle (pictured above, top right) is featured on a gold oriental fan pendant ($1,160), while the flowers of the Pong Pong tree adorn a delicate basket of yellow gold on the Garden Sonnet Cerbera ($510).

Singapore flowers inspire Poh Heng's Garden Sonnet jewellery

Garden Sonnet Orchid, $88,880

The star piece of the collection features glittering orchids, accompanied by a elegant vines of diamonds. Look closer and you’ll see yellow and pink diamonds inset selectively on the jewelled flowers, much like the colour gradient you’ll find on blooming orchids.   

The Garden Sonnet collection is available at Poh Heng stores from mid-September 2013. For more information about Poh Heng jewellery, go to