When you tried that floral dress on in the fitting room, you were certain that it hugged your curves so perfectly and made your legs look infinitely longer

However, when you got home and tried it on for the second time because you wanted to figure out what shoes to wear it with, you got a rude shock from the sight that greeted you in the mirror. 

You wonder what made you purchase something that looked so unflattering on you. 

Many women have experienced this problem, including me. I am glad to share with you today that it all boils down to what you do in the dressing room. 

Ladies, rest assured that there’s nothing wrong with how you look. All you’ve got to do is to make sure to avoid these seven deadly dressing room mistakes and you will never have to return your in-store purchases ever again. 

1.  Your undergarments are not compatible

This tip starts before you even embark on your shopping trip! When you go shopping, it’s important to wear the undergarments that go with what you want to purchase.

For example, if you are looking to buy a v-neck figure hugging dress, and you try them on while you are in a sports bra and knickers, you won’t get an accurate representation of how that the dress actually fits.

Plan out your undergarments especially if you have specific items that you want to buy. If not, go with the bra and underwear that you wear most often on a daily basis. 

2. You went with only one size 

Of course, we all know our usual clothing sizes, but they vary according to brands and silhouettes. It’s always good to try a size up and down, so you can compare and contrast the fit.

For example, a size 27 fits you snugly but you might actually prefer how you look in a size 28 because of how the garment falls against your hips. 

3. You didn’t take a seat 

The stool in the fitting isn’t just meant for your bag. It’s there for you to take a seat with your new outfit on so that you can see how you look in a variety of situations.

Case in point: Some of you might be facing a dilemma with sticking to your normal size or going one size down.

Taking a seat and seeing how the outfit looks in those angles and how you feel while moving in it might just help you decide. It will also definitely prevent you from buying shorts or skirts that are way too short!

4. You tried the outfit on barefooted, or worst with socks!

The rationale behind this tip is similar to the one about wearing the right undergarments. You need to try clothes on in the fitting room the way that you are going to wear it out.

Many of us tend to think to ourselves, “oh it looks strange now because of my socks, but when I get home and put on a pair of heels it will definitely look fine.”

Sorry to burst your bubble, ladies chances are it probably will not look the way you wanted it to. Grab a pair of heels from the store and try them on with your outfit for a more accurate representation. 

5. You didn’t check how you look in different mirrors 

Be sure to use the multi-panel mirror in the fitting room to check out how you look from the back and side.

If the fitting rooms don’t come with one, step outside and use the large mirror outside!

Don’t be shy, because this is the only way for you to take a good look at yourself in the outfit from all angles, not just straight on. 

6. You didn’t stand under a different lighting

Lighting inside dressing rooms can swing both ways; terribly unflattering or deceptively flattering. To get the most realistic look of yourself, step outside into the store where the lighting is different.

Tip: Softer lighting is a better representative of daylight as compared to stark fluorescent lighting. 

7. You didn’t take a mirror #OOTD 
Always remember that the camera doesn’t ever lie! Snap a picture of yourself in front of the mirror (or better yet get someone to do it for you). You can zoom in on areas where you have concerns and see if you like what’s on the screen. 

Be diligent with these tips and you will find yourself loving every purchase you make and bidding goodbye to annoying return trips to the store.