Congratulations to one of Singapore’s longest lasting fashion brands, Depression. Launched as a t-shirt brand in 2006, the cult favourite streetwear brand of celebrities like  Adam Lambert, Kat Von D and Zhang Ziyi, will be showing its Vol 2 Dragon vs Tiger collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin on January 20, 2017. 

Founders of Depression Kenny Lim (left) and Andrew Loh in their studio. Image: Depression

Over the last 10 years, the founders Andrew Loh and Kenny Lim, have taken the Depression brand from t-shirts to complete ready-to-wear collections, a number of stores, and two sub-lines – Anti-Depression and Not Cool Enough. The brand’s street goth subcultural vibe remains but has been refined with the addition of a design team and continuous creative change. The label and its founders have been featured in Singapore’s design museum, starred in television commercials and even judged a fashion competition, and in 2014 they opened  multi-label streetwear store called Sects Shop, that stocks international labels complementing their in-house designs.

Looks from the current Depression collection. Image: Depression

The collection that Depression will be showing in Berlin – Vol 2 Dragon vs Tiger – was inspired by a series of Chinese proverbs that refer to “metaphorical situations of battles and warfare” and includes “Dragon Versus Tiger, which describes an epic battle between giants”. Andrew and Kenny used this idea and combined it with the brand’s signature use of black, asymmetry and extended hemlines. They will also be using vegan leather for the first time including for sneakers and jackets, and adding thick-soled sneakers lined with metallic septum-styled rings, making the collection “part dark urban, and part athletic luxe”.

We can’t wait to see the new collection and think it’s awesome that a Singapore fashion label will be walking proud on the runway at Berlin Fashion Week. 

For more information about Depression go to Sects Shop is located at Orchard Gateway #04-14.

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