Would you wear these ‘smart’ bracelets? | Images: ©Intel, Opening Ceremony

Technology never looked more fashionable. Finally, here’s a bit of wearable tech that actually looks like a serious fashion accessory you’d want to wear.

This “smart” bracelet is being touted as “a feminine fashion accessory with communications capabilities”. It displays displays SMS messages, Gmail and Facebook alerts on a curved sapphire glass touchscreen, and it can also be charged wirelessly.

Called the “MICA” (which stands for “My Intelligent Communication Accessory”), the wearable tech accessory was engineered by tech giant Intel and designed by fashion brand Opening Ceremony.

The MICA bracelet vibrates gently to indicate incoming notifications and includes a two-year data plan – this means there is no need to be fully dependent on Wi-Fi or smartphones!

The design comes in two styles, one in black watersnake skin, with Chinese pearls and Madagascan lapis stones, while the other is in white watersnake skin, South African tiger’s eye, and obsidian from Russia. I’m sold on the exotic finishes already.

Sadly though, unless you’re making a trip to the US in early December 2014 when the MICA bracelet is slated to drop, it will only be available at select Barneys and Opening Ceremony stores at S$642 (US$495). 

Would you wear it though? I’d give it a go.