Have you ever wondered just what, exactly, you’re paying for when you shell out for a luxury handbag? Have you ever needed to justify to your husband, father, boyfriend or yourself why you’re spending a month’s salary on something to carry around your junk?

While just about every woman understands the visceral lure of a very special luxe bag, sometimes it’s nice to be able to say: “It’s created by highly trained craftsmen using traditional hand-worked leather cutting and sewing techniques from the finest materials; it’s a work of art.”

And this is exactly what you’ll be able to say with confidence when you buy a Selleria handbag from Fendi after you experience the painstaking hard work its craftsmen undertake to create these beautiful objects.

As part of the Fendi Fatto a Mano for the Future global event, the brand will be bringing Fendi craftsmen to its Takashimaya boutique from May 26 to 31 where they will create spectacular items on site, while you watch.

Fendi’s fascination with and dedication to artisanship, art and craft sees it joining up with artists around the world on collaborative projects and Singapore will be no different.

Singapore artist Donna Ong, an installation artist and designer, is known for creating environments from found objects and furniture that are thought-provoking and evocative. Winner of the President’s Young Talent Competition and the “Young Artist Award” for her achievements in the art and design field in 2009, the trained architect will be creating something special for Fendi.

With the assistance of the Fendi craftsmen, Donna will create a Selleria leather design piece featuring symbols and elements from Peranakan heritage, making it distinctly of Singapore and the region. 

Fendi says this collaboration represents “a merging of two apparent opposites: of heritage and future, of tradition and experimentation, of fashion and design, and emphasizes a deep affinity made of creativity with a function, experimentation and research”.

So the next time someone asks you to justify your luxe handbag, you know just what to say.

The Fatto a Mano for the Future live performances with Fendi Craftsman and Donna Ong shall be at the Fendi boutique at Takashimaya Shopping Centre from May 26-31 from from 3.30pm-7.30pm daily. Fendi is located at Marina Bay Sands, DFS Galleria on Scotts Road, Isetan Scotts and at Ngee Ann City on Orchard Road.