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One of our favourite things is when fashion comes together with social issues to make a powerful statement. And that’s exactly what Manu Atelier has done in this collaboration between global social awareness campaign One Million Sisters and online retailer

In commemoration of International Women’s Day, they’ve selected Manu Atelier to craft these handmade bracelets as symbols of female solidarity and sisterhood – the perfect trinket to celebrate the versatility of women all over the world.

The cream-coloured leather accessory is subtly accented with silver and gold highlights, which makes it the perfect finishing touch to any bold or neutral outfit. It’s also versatile (just as us women are!) so you can dress it up or down, depending on the occasion you’re prepping for.

These bracelets don’t just make a cute accessory though, because they make a real difference, too. Proceeds will go to various NGOs: Pro Mujer for economic empowerment; Every Mother Counts for maternal health; and Care International for education.

And of course, like the proverbial cherry on the top of that delicious cake, it’s made in accordance to fair trade sourcing standards, which means high quality materials paired with sustainable practices. 

This is where it gets incredibly empowering. Remember what we said about fashion and a powerful social statement? Well, supermodel Christy Turlington is an ambassador of this movement, alongside musicians Rosey Chan and Mimi Xu. 

What does that mean? Donning this bracelet makes you a part of this growing legion of sisterhood comprised of unique individuals. You might be one in a million, but you’re also a part of the One Million Sisters. It is, quite literally, a fashion statement. 

Why does this matter? Good question: While we should take time off to indulge in ourselves today, it’s just as important that we remember how much has been done to help women achieve equality, and how much more can be done.

The bracelet will be available for €70 worldwide from 9 March 2016, and is exclusively sold online at