Much as we love our mini bags, these are hardly practical for your travels; you’ll find it hard to fit all your essentials into that tiny bag.

So the “grownup” backpack is your answer to your travel woes with these sleek and sturdy finds from Samsonite Red. And why not, while backpacks are so on-trend too.

If you still need some convincing, look to the ones toted by Hong Kong model-actress Angelababy and South Korean actor Kim Soo Hyun (from none other than My Love From the Star).

Want to travel as stylishly as Angelababy and Kim Soo Hyun?

Angelababy and Kim Soo Hyun with backpacks from the Samsonite Red Fall Winter 2014 collection. Images: Samsonite Red

The two stars carry the latest Samsonite Red’s Fall Winter 2014 range, with Angelababy toting a leather backpack that’s as lusciously red as her pretty lippie.

As expected, Kim Soo Hyun looks as dapper as ever with a bag to match his sleek biker jacket. And don’t you doubt that he can carry off a navy blue with equal preppy fitnesse.

Want to travel as stylishly as Angelababy and Kim Soo Hyun?Angelababy and Kim Soo Hyun behind-the-scenes for the Samsonite Red Fall Winter 2014 ad campaign. Image: Samsonite

Available from early August, the latest Samsonite Red collection also includes some very work-friendly bag and accessory finds, like sleek tote bags to store your documents in, as well as a crossbody bag that can be used as an oversized clutch after office hours too.

Should you need more reason to ogle these bags (and the stylish idol duo too), click away at our gallery below for more snaps.

Prices for the Samsonite Red Fall collection start from $130 for the Welle crossbody bag to $320 for the Aequum backpack. Head over to the Samsonite Singapore website to find out where you can shop for the collection soon.