Men, if you stumbled onto this page while googling the web for gifts to get her for Valentine’s Day, you’re in the right place.

We know how hard it is most of the time to get her a gift she’d love (and trust us, we’ve had our share of bad gifts), so we’ve picked out a range of gifts that we’re sure your lady will be delighted to receive this Valentine’s Day.

As for the ladies, this comprehensive gift guide we’ve come up with has everything from designer rings to beauty coffret sets and Lomography cameras, so if you know your man doesn’t really have a knack for choosing great gifts, we suggest you send him this link via Facebook or Twitter as a big “This is what I want” hint.

Your man will be happy he doesn’t have to rack his brains for what to get and you’ll be happy because you will get what you really want. Definitely a win-win situation, we say.

Have a loved up Valentine’s Day!