Don’t you just hate how you break out into a sweat the moment you step out of the shower? Another pet peeve: Having to don a body-clinging bra under your clothes, which at this point is really the last thing you’d want to do in our sweltering heat. And with the hotter months fast approaching, we’re just about losing our minds having to deal with the sweatiness and stickiness.

Enter something that may very well change the whole bra game. Just imagine, if you will, a sensual selection of ultra-breathable, cooling and lightweight bras that feel like a second skin. Yup, Triumph’s latest Light Fascination summer collection caters to functionality and fit without compromising on style – so you can look hot and stay cool, all at once.

Check out some of our favourite pieces that are perfect for just about any occasion and body type, and #HappyShopping.

Light Fascination Body Make-Up Laced:


The Light Fascination Body Make-up Laced boasts an extremely smooth finish from its renowned ‘second skin’ fabric and lightweight cup design. Promising to be ‘virtually invisible’, this bra utilises superb wire support with the feel of none. The lace details and feminine hues are the icing on top of the cake.

Light Fascination Beauty-Full:


The Light Fascination Beauty-full is a great option for curvy women because it flatters, sculpts and contours for a more slender silhouette. This bra provides extreme lift and slimming support, which when combined with the airy fabric will cool you down in the heat.

Light Fascination T-shirt Bra:


We love throwing on T-shirts for dress-down days. In much the same vein, the Light Fascination T-shirt bra will be your new wardrobe must-have because it’s ultra-breathable and sensual, with an invisible and seamless fit – just like a T-shirt. Now, you can strut in confidence.

Body Make-Up Spacer:


The Light Fascination Body Make-Up Spacer promises to give you an uplifting increase in two bust sizes – fantastic for wearing under that ultra low-neck dress you’re planning to rock for your next dinner date. This new bra from the Light Fascination series incorporates the technology from Triumph’s highly coveted Magic Spacer bra, which means the ‘smart’ cooling fabric comes rigged with honeycomb-like airy pockets that promote easy airflow – a refreshingly light and airy feeling, sorted.

Made your choice? Hurry on down to check out your perfect, barely-there bra at Triumph – there’s a promotion going on right now that will make your shopping experience that bit more tempting.



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