Lingerie needs your attention just as much as your attire, because it literally makes or breaks your outfit. If you’re happy to just ‘throw on anything that is washed’ then you’ll be so surprised at the difference well-chosen lingerie will do for your posture, figure AND attitude.

Whilst feeling good on the outside starts on the inside (and by inside we mean lingerie), it’s not just about how you feel that makes lingerie so significant. It’s important for you to find a good bra that works for your wardrobe and is also comfortable all day long too. Often the discomfort comes from an ill-fitting bra that doesn’t sit flush against your lower breast bone, or digs in at the side. On top of all this, we also have to account for those days where we just feel bloated, sluggish and not our ‘normal self’ so to speak – these days we need supportive but comfortable lingerie that will help us look our best regardless.

Luckily, here we have the 3 main key pieces for you to invest in that will redefine your entire approach to your lingerie drawer.  Let us introduce you to Marks and Spencer’s Waist Cincher, Perfect Fit Bra and 5-Ways Multi-Way Bra.


Waist Cincher

The waist cincher is your go-to piece of shapewear. It creates that sought-after hourglass silhouette by helping to flatten the tummy, lift the bottom and shape the waist.  A waist cincher is great for when you’re wearing fitted dresses, heading out for date night or even just a long day at the office.  

The real magic here is in the derriere. Yes, these knickers pull in your waist but they also lift your lower half, giving you a perkier bum, which we ALL like.  The proof is in the pudding, so we went down to try on these lingerie pieces and see for ourselves the results. With this waist cincher, we had expected to feel uncomfortable – as if we’re constantly being pulled in a little too tightly. Actually, the opposite happened. The waist cincher did hold our stomach in but it was comfortable and when we walked we didn’t notice we were wearing them. It sat flushed under our work dress with no obvious high-waist line or VPL (visible pant line) at the back either. This is the mark of a great piece of lingerie.

Don’t believe us? Just check out the before and after photos below:


With no waist cincher:


With waist cincher:

As you can see, the difference is obvious. With the waist cincher there is a flatter tummy and a more curved and lifted bottom, making the LBD look entirely different too. It’s always uplifting – mind the pun – to be able to see products working and that they really do offer the desired results.


Perfect Fit Bra

The M&S Perfect Fit Bra is made of soft memory foam that moulds to your unique shape, seamlessly hugging your curves to flatter your natural shape for the ultimate fit. The aim is to ‘fit like a glove’, as if it moulds to your breast shape and was made specifically for you.

The velvet touch cup liner adds extra comfort and softness, making this bra an excellent choice for ALL occasions. Yep, you read right, all occasions. This makes it a must-have for your new capsule lingerie drawer, because it can be worn for the majority of your outfits, seven days of the week. Take a peek at the bra in action below:


Monday at the office:


Weekend brunch with the family:


Ladies night:

We loved how it felt like a second skin – under all of the outfits we wore this with, it behaved like a silent support, so to speak. Never once poking out or creating a discouraging hem line, the bra sat flushed against our skin and the memory foam cups are so soft, it almost felt like you weren’t wearing a bra.


Multi-Way Bra

One bra but five different ways to wear it makes this piece an absolute treasure when it comes to stripping back your lingerie drawer.  The straps on this bra can be positioned anywhere, meaning you can literally own this bra in nude and black and you’re pretty much sorted. With thanks to the multi-position tape, lower back converter AND extra clear straps included, this bra transcends most style options you need.

From strapless to cross back and every style in between (save for braless, this bra can’t magically do that), the multi-way bra will take all of the stress out of your daily ensemble choice, because you don’t need to worry anymore about straps on show.

We’ve often found multi-ways rather uncomfortable – clear straps being sticky and sweaty (straps in themselves are not “sweaty” … you mean “usually not sweat-proof”? Or “doesn’t wick sweat away”?), heavy underwiring digging in etc, but this one is quite the opposite.  The bra bridges the gap between comfort versus support – particularly when wearing as a strapless. It stayed put without digging into our sides – a massive thumbs up from us!


To explore the multiple ways for yourself, check out the below:


PSST! There’s more! If 5 ways wasn’t enough, M&S have introduced the almighty 100 ways bra. This is the next level up from the multi-way bra and will help you make your lingerie work harder for you, so you don’t have to:

To try any of these yourself, just pop down to any M&S clothing store. And whilst you’re there, why not get a complimentary bra-fitting service too? The experts measure you properly to ensure you’re buying the correct breadth and cup size – something that is integral to comfortable and supporting lingerie.


To get yourself measured, click here to book an appointment at your nearest M&S store.