Sometimes you want to show your love in a less obvious way than perching a massive piece of compacted coal on your finger.

The new Tying the Knot ring from Singapore jewellery designer Choo Yilin is a quirky-cool option for couples who want to display their love in form that’s more understated; something that expresses their own particular characters.

Choo Yilin Tying the Knot rings details

Choo Yilin Tying the Knot rings

Or, you can also use this ring as a “stand in” while you save up for the big investment piece. And yes, there is an actual knot in this ring, as well as a romantic inscription: “Marry me”.

Depending on your style – and budget – there are a few different options. You can choose from sterling silver, with or without the option of diamonds, as well as a totally luxe version in 18 karat gold with diamonds.

“We created the ring because we’ve had an increasing number of clients who want to retain the surprise of a proposal but, want their partners’ input in the designing process,” said principal designer Choo Yilin. “Thus creating this allowed us to fulfil both criteria, while allowing the couple to have an additional keepsake of the process.”

So, for all the men out there looking for the perfect stand in for a proposal, this is one way you can propose with a ring and know that your girl will be happy.

On top of being a great stand-in ring, the cost of the rings can be used to offset a bespoke Choo Yilin engagement ring in 18KT gold.

Choo Yilin Tying the Knot rings cost $285 for the sterling silver version without diamonds; $445 for the sterling silver with five diamonds version and $1,800 for the 18 karat gold ring with diamonds. To order a Tying the Knot ring, email or call 9112 8117.