Walking into Pedder On Scotts is the adult version of going into a candy shop – whilst children go crazy, both figuratively and literally with those numbers, we do the same at Pedder On Scott’s bags and shoes offerings. With no exception for their SS’18 brands, there are five new cult ones to check out, covet and then purchase. You’re welcome.


Axel Arigato 

Portugese sneaker label Axel Arigato isn’t reinventing the wheel of sneaker designs and in fact, you’d think you’d be able to find a similar model from a high-end designer or high-street brand but the devil is right down in the details – leather sourced from Italy, a rubber cup-sole that sets them apart from other brands and they love to experiment right down to the upper body of their sneakers which come in patent leathers, embossed patterns or even perforated.

Axel Arigato sneaker prices range from $295 to $320.


Cult Gaia

You’ve probably seen this bag brand on Instagram or on your best friend or colleague and we don’t blame them – 2017’s it bag brand Cult Gaia from Los Angeles took a summer staple and made it even more covetable with a distinctive half-moon silhouette, graphic design and funnily enough, an ability to fit everything you need (just make sure you keep your keys in a separate pouch).

Cult Gaia’s Ark Bags range from $285 to $485.


Golden Goose

When a creative man and woman get together, you’ll definitely get results – Robert Mapplethorpe and Patti Smith did music, Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner produced art and Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo produced cult sneaker label Golden Goose. We’re sorry to those looking to have that “fresh out of the box” experience, Golden Goose’s sneakers are distressed (albeit on purpose) and have a patina that comes with age. But that makes them just that more cooler.

Golden Goose’s sneakers range from $620 – $890.


Heimat Atlantica

Parisian label Heimat Atlantica isn’t that “it-bag” you buy to flaunt on your Instagram, instead, it’s that bag you buy because you’re a fan of smooth and supple Spanish leather and because they’re artisanally crafted to preserve the tradition of handweaving bags. If that isn’t romantic enough, each bag comes with a porcelain talisman that claims to generate wealth, shield you from curses and help you find love.

Heimat Atlantica’s bags are priced from $360 to $580.


Mercedes Castillo

We consider mule slides the in-between child of sneakers and heels – they have the comfort level of the former but the dressiness of the latter. American label Mercedes Castillo knows that with her designs made out of Italian leather, a contemporary pricing and architectural designs that don’t sacrifice comfort for style.

Mercedes Castillo’s shoes are priced from $640 to $890.

Shop these five brands at Pedder on Scotts, Level 2, Scotts Square, 6 Scotts Road. Photo credits : On Pedder.