IN PARIS – When Yuki Katsuta, group senior vice president of Fast Retailing and head of research and design for Uniqlo, was asked where the brand gets its ideas and inspiration, he said that a lot of it came from the customers ‒ what they feel and what they expect from the brand. Mr Katsuta was speaking at the launch of Uniqlo’s Lifewear collection for Spring Summer 2015, held on November 7, 2014, in Paris.

Mr Katsuta’s response basically explains just what the Lifewear collection is all about; clothes for a “better life” for everyone. The concept was first introduced in 2013. It focuses on the wearer – the customers ‒ by providing clothes that are innovative, stylish, universal in design and of good quality.

For Spring Summer 2015, the Lifewear collection offers series of wardrobe choices from dresses to jeans, office wear to casual wear, AIRism to Ultra Light Down, clothes for children, graphic t-shirts from UT and a collaboration with Inès de La Fressange … There really IS something for everyone.


Uniqlo SS15 Lifewear Collection CLEAN CUT AND COMFORTABLE

Neat and comfortable clothes for a business meeting in the office or a casual walk around town. Lightweight jackets are a new addition while dry stretch pants have been updated for men. Easy-care rayon and georgette blouses with long sleeves through to tank tops were introduced for womenswear. Cotton broad shirts, sweat lounging sets, and a stretch blazer with ankle length pants are few of the clean-cut pairings for women. Light cotton jackets and printed long sleeve shirts paired with chino pants are offered for men. Colours and patterns are also varied to cater to the preferences of Uniqlo’s customers.


Uniqlo SS15 Lifewear Collection DRESSESUniqlo SS15 Lifewear Collection DRESSES 2
Looks from the Uniqlo SS15 Lifewear collection lookbook (above top) and at the Paris preview. Images: Uniqlo and Onin Lorente

Casual dresses that are made from augmented fabrics ‒ denim, ponti, silk, rayon, and chiffon ‒ with different textile combinations were on show for this season. Cotton cashmere knit dresses are another new addition. Belted silk long sleeve dresses with printed vertical lines and vibrant floral printed rayon dress are some of key pieces of the collection.


Uniqlo SS15 Lifewear Collection JEANS

Introduced this season for the first time are ripped and repaired distressed jeans. Aside from this highlight on-trend look; the skinny-fit tapered jeans are 20 percent lighter which was achieved by combining a new fiber with existing materials. Ultra Stretch Jeans are also back, giving you 50 percent stretch and the 90 percent bounce-back to its original form that ensures these jeans never sag at the knees.


Uniqlo SS15 Lifewear Collection LINEN

Linen selections from Uniqlo are made of 100 percent premium French linen fiber keeping it naturally fresh for the wearer. This season, an update to the shape of the men’s Premium Linen Shirts has been implemented and the womenswear has been refreshed with long-sleeve, three-quarter sleeve and sleeveless options.


Uniqlo SS15 Lifewear Collection ULTRA LIGHT DOWNUniqlo SS15 Lifewear Collection ULTRA LIGHT DOWN 2
Looks from the Uniqlo SS15 Lifewear collection lookbook (above top) and at the Paris preview. Images: Uniqlo and Onin Lorente

Uniqlo’s outerwear this season offers more choices in colour and print patterns. To add to your comfort, the water-resistance of the fabric has been increased and the stitching improved. Styles vary from quilted blouson jackets, rider jackets and compact jackets.


Uniqlo SS15 Lifewear Collection AIRism

AIRism, Uniqlo’s patented material, uses a thin and light material that absorbs moisture for extraordinary comfort in hot weather. This season Uniqlo added a new yarn to its Men’s AIRism Mesh products to help control odors from bacteria produced during laundry. For the Women’s AIRism pieces, Uniqlo added a moisturiser to give an even softer feel to the fabric. More colours and patterns have also been provided for the range.


Uniqlo SS15 Lifewear Collection INES DE LA FRASSANGEUniqlo SS15 Lifewear Collection INES DE LA FRESSANGE 2
Looks from the Uniqlo SS15 Lifewear collection lookbook (above top) and at the Paris preview. Images: Uniqlo and Onin Lorente

Spring and Summer 2015 marks the third collaboration between Uniqlo and French designer and model Inès de La Fressange. The look is all about a mix of femininity and comfort. Additions to the existing range includes a natural caramel colour for selected items, vintage floral printed dresses and indigo shirts.


Uniqlo SS15 Lifewear Collection UT

Expect a wide range of authentic pop culture graphics from around the world this season. Notable with the UT series is the launch of an application called UTMe!.  The software allows you to customise your own design and print it on a T-shirt; on the spot. The software has been available in Japan since May 2014, and is to be introduced in other countries soon.

The Inès de La Fressange collection will be launched on January 30, 2015, at the Uniqlo stores in 313@Somerset, Suntec City and online. The entire Spring Summer Lifewear collection is currently being introduced progressively into Singapore’s Uniqlo stores.