The Uniqlo Autumn Winter 2014 collection

Longer legs, along with a tiny waist and great skin, are on most women’s dream body wish list. But everyone’s got to work with what nature gave them, right? The great thing is that with good styling you can always look great (even with not-so-long gams) in the perfect pieces.

For instance, Uniqlo’s new denim collection for Autumn Winter 2014 is a godsend to those who believe their legs are somewhat lacking. The Ultra Stretch Jeans collection is created just for these ladies and this season, we have a feeling that the new styles introduced will become wardrobe staples. The ankle length design has zippered hems to give the illusion of length and the high rise ultra stretch style extends how long your legs looks when the line of vision sweeps from the high waist all the way down. Score!

The Ultra Stretch jeans make your legs look mile-long

If that’s not cool enough for you, now you have the dream long legs, how about the ultra-soft denim material that feels nothing like typical jeans? The Japanese brand calls its Lyocell blend “powder soft” – a blend of Japanese Kaihara denim fabric and Toray’s high tech material. There’s no better way to prove how comfortable these jeans are or the ease of movement one will have in them than having a model do a perfect split when wearing a pair.

If the picture above doesn’t do it for you, might we mention the jeans are priced superbly from $49.90 to $59.90?

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