The Virtual Mall Singapore THUMBNAIL

If you’re looking for a range of products in one place but can’t be bothered braving the crowds at a mall then you need to check out Singapore’s newest mall, The Virtual Mall.

Created by Mr HT Chong after he couldn’t find a reasonably priced bricks and mortar retail space for his beauty products, The Virtual Mall is exactly what it says it is – a mall with shops, escalators and different levels, only all of it is “virtual”, only existing online.

The Virtual Mall Singapore DECOR EXTERIOR
The Virtual Mall Singapore DECOR GROUND FLOOR

Apparently the virtual space even uses the same sort of psychology as real malls do, taking into considerations things like the movements people make in real shopping spaces. The “shops” are even located in the same “spaces” like real ones so you can easily find it whenever you return to the website.

You can “walk past” a shop by mousing over a logo and reading the pop-up description of the brands, then you can decide to “enter” the shop by clicking on the logo. Once you’re “inside” the store you can browse its items – but unlike real stores, the merchandise here is all displayed in the same way for ease of use.

“The virtual mall is designed into 5-levels, easier for shoppers to digest instead of 20 pages of dresses. The objective is to help retailers, to give them an alternative platform and not lose their branding and exclusivity,” says HT.

There is even a Virtual Café where shoppers can get together and share views and comments via a forum; there’s a redemption centre for shoppers to redeem gifts and vouchers and there are also storewide promotions, deliveries for free if you spend $100 and a launch promotion of $5 off for every $100 you spend.

There are about 20 or so brands over three “floors” currently available at The Virtual Mall including World of Sports, Missha, Future State and Blush.

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