One of Singapore’s most fashionable actresses, Carrie Wong, admits to growing up shopping online so it makes sense that she’s just been announced as the new brand ambassador for Qoo10. She also recently won the Social Media Award at the recent Star Awards 2016, so you can also assume she knows what she’s doing as a fashion influencer. We asked the MediaCorp celebrity to give us her top tips on how to shop smartly online and where to get the best deals.

Singapore online shopping tips and deals with actress Carrie Wong DECOR
Image: Carrie Wong

1. What’s your favourite thing about shopping online compared to bricks ‘n’ mortar stores?
I grew up shopping online and on mobile. To me and people of my generation, I guess shopping online is the new norm as compared to going to a physical retail store. When I film every day from morning to night, sometimes even on the weekends, online shopping allows me great convenience to buy whatever I need anytime, anywhere. As an avid online shopper, I enjoy discovering good deals and being the first to share insights with my friends about the latest sales.

2. What are some tips you think people should know about online shopping? 
Different from online stores set up by specific brands, online marketplaces like Qoo10 host a rich pool of merchants, some of whom may offer similar products, so I wouldn’t advise just relying on the first search result when searching for a particular product you want to buy. It’s well worth checking out the prices from different sellers to ensure that you get the best deal.

People who prefer to shop at brick-and-mortar stores go for the advice and expertise of the salespeople in stores. However, many merchants online will include their contact details, and they are more than happy to answer any questions you have. Online marketplaces are faster in launching new deals. There are time sales, day sales, in addition to seasonal promotions. My advice is to log onto the site whenever you are browsing online or on mobile, you never know what great deals you’ll find.

3. Do you have tips on how to get the best deal when shopping online?
On top of subscribing to mailing lists to keep track of great sales and promotions, often around special events such as Christmas, online merchants usually have the flexibility to adjust selling prices on a daily basis, even a few times throughout the day. I recommend keeping a close eye on prices and checking in from time to time on products you really like, as this method has gotten me great deals in the past.

Many merchants also offer free shipping, while other merchants might have lower product prices but higher shipping costs. When comparing prices between merchants, it’s always a good idea to include shipping costs in your comparison, instead of just upfront product costs.

Lastly, always look out for special tie-ins with major card holders. For example Qoo10 is partnering with both MasterCard for its MasterPass digital payments platform as well as Visa Checkout. On top of providing shoppers with an even easier way to pay, you can also score great deals from it.

4. What’s one thing you bought online that you can’t live without / love?
I love this collagen drink which I’m taking every day. I’ve found that it’s very effective at hydrating and firming up my skin, and even helps my makeup stay on throughout the day. It’s also a drink and is an easy addition to my beauty regime, which is important to me because of my busy filming schedule every day.

5. What is your biggest online shopping mistake?
Not doing a thorough research and not realising that an online shopping platform has many different payment methods, each with its own benefits. I would always recommend comparing all the various payment options to make sure you always get the best offers and deals, which will make your shopping experience even more enjoyable.

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