From June 7 to July 7, 2013, the quarterly artisan showcase Keepers, organised by Singapore jewellery label Carrie K Artisan Jewellery, will be taking a bunch of Singapore fashion and accessories brands to the Malaysian cultural event, the George Town Festival 2013.

As Penang’s annual festival of arts, culture and heritage, the George Town Festival is host to a wide variety of activities and events covering everything from music and dance performances to food, art and and fashion. Like the festival, the monthly Keepers event focuses on independent designers, artists and artisans, so the fit is perfect says designer and founder of Carrie K, Carolyn Kan.

Singapore House at The George Town Festival 2013 DECOR 1Two of the Singapore brands that will be part of the ‘Keepers Goes To George Town’ pop-up retail event are Carrie K Artisan Jewellery (above left) and artisan watchmakers Edypoi (above right).

“George Town is such an inspiring hotbed of creativity. It embraces contemporary art and design, yet still values heritage and traditional craftsmanship,” she explained. “This is the very essence of what Keepers stands for, and our dream is to grow a community that is passionate about craftsmanship and unique, contemporary design. Being a part of the George Town Festival is not just an amazing opportunity for Keepers partners to showcase overseas,  it is also a chance to be reinvigorated and inspired by what we will learn from the artists and artisans at the George Town Festival.”

An entire heritage building has been put aside for the Singapore contingent which will include fashion label Ong Shunmugam; artisan accessories label Ling Wu; semi-bespoke watchmakers Edypoi; design collective IEX which works on pieces based on artifacts from the Asian Civilisations Museum; Heads of State Millinery sustainable hat-makers and, of course, Carrie K Artisan Jewellery.

Singapore House at The George Town Festival 2013 DECOR 2Singapore House at The George Town Festival 2013 DECOR 3
More Singapore brands heading to The George Town Festival 2013: Ong Shunmugam (above left), Heads of State Millinery (above right) and Ling Wu (above).

The “Keepers Goes To George Town” pop-up retail concept will be called Singapore House and located in the middle of the historic Old Town area of Penang during the festival. Other attractions will include books from Singapore independent bookstore Books Actually, letterpress artisans The Gentlemen’s Press; works by graphic designers Sarah & Schooling; an exhibition of work by Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore; a Singapore film screening and an installation called “With-In-Sight”; work by artist Choo Meng Foo and work from Singapore-based artist and printmaker, Beng.

Singapore House at The George Town Festival 2013 DECOR 4Pieces from design collective IEX which creates items based on artifacts from Singapore’s Asian Civilisations Museum

The George Town Festival 2013 is the perfect excuse for a quick trip, not only will you be able to indulge in fabulous food and entertainment, but you’ll also be able to get your shopping fix at the same time.

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