20 By Two, Singapore designers, Malaysia designers, fashion

Think it’s time to update your wardrobe? Skip the usual high street brands that every other girl on the street wears; make your outfit more unique with Singapore and Malaysia labels.

New online pop-up store 20 By Two makes it even easier to shop for local brands you love. You’ll also get to discover chic looks from Malaysia labels too.

20 By Two, Singapore designers, Malaysia designers, fashion
Available on 20 By Two (L-R): Chic Yamada, Lauren Jasmine and Yadotsa

From now to October 31, 20 By Two will retail nearly 30 regional labels, including hot Malaysian favourites include the colourful prints of Chic Yamada and the modern, baju kurung from Alia Bastaman.

10 young Parco Next Next Singapore designers will also retail next to established Singapore fashion brands Al and Alicia, Lauren Jasmine, Singapore jeweller By Invite Only.

With the help of UPcload, a German site application that will help you find your right dress size, you can be sure that all your buys will fit you perfectly.

20 By Two, Singapore designers, Malaysia designers, fashion
UPcload app helps you get the right fit for online shopping

First, you’ll get “measured by a webcam” by posing for a full-length photo, and entering your height and weight. UPcload will then help compare your measurements against the sizes of clothing brands on 20 By Two to see if they fit.

Currently, the 20 By Two store is still a work-in-progress, with more items to be added to this online store shortly.

The full range of participating brands will be available from September 17, while the UPcload measurement functionality will be enabled for Singapore labels Jason and Amen on that same day; other brands will soon integrate this useful tool thereafter.

Shipping within Singapore is priced at a flat fee of $6 for every order; items bought from 20 By Two will arrive five days after your order has been processed.

Payment can be made by Visa or MasterCard with SmoovPay, a mobile payment service; alternatively, payment can be made by cheque or funds transfer.

The 20 By Two online pop-up store will run from now till October 31, 2012 at shop.20bytwo.com. Visit www.20bytwo.com for more information.