Image: City of Tomorrow


Founder of Pleatation Chiang Xiaojun, 29, and her fiancé Edwin Ng, 31, started City of Tomorrow to offer a solution to the conundrum faced by people like them (or us, for that matter): What is there to do on weekends?


Image: City of Tomorrow

Founders Chiang Xiaojun and Edwin Ng


“Edwin and I, we found ourselves having a hard time thinking of what to do and what new places to go to every weekend,” says Chiang. “For people like us, we want to create a space that is constantly evolving and offering new experiences, so there is always something different to look forward to. Whenever you are bored, you can drop by and there will always be new things to see and do here.”

Located at the CityLink Mall (#B1-47/A/B/C), the store is a behemoth 10,000 sq ft (that’s one-sixth the total retail space of the mall) multi-concept – fashion, lifestyle, F&B, and events – space that is split into eight themed zones:


Image: City of Tomorrow


The Studio: A zone with a curated range of brands focusing on sleek office wear, including local ones like Arete Goods, Chainless Brain, and Soigne the Label.

Tropical Paradise: A colourful, resort-themed area with beachwear kaftans and bikinis, and also lacquer kits for mixing your own polish colour by local nail lacquer brand Nail Deck.

The Secret Garden: A F&B zone housing vendors like Tiramisu Hero and The Talad Drink for light bites and refreshments.


Image: City of Tomorrow


Play Palace: A children-centred zone with children’s wear, accessories, toys and also stuff for mums: functional but trendy bags by Hong Kong’s Hellolulu and candles from Mummyfique.

The Queen’s Room: It comes equipped with an Osim massager for tired feet, and stocks luxurious silk intimate wear, footwear, and evening wear by Chiang’s Pleatation, and other local labels like Blum, Maison Zhou, and Mashizan.


Image: City of Tomorrow


The Sports Hall: An active wear zone with sneakers and workout gear.

The Locker Room: A menswear area with a focus on bags, featuring labels like Gnome & Bow, Hypergrand, Ted Baker, and Shinola Detroit.

Town Square: A space set aside for events and activities planned by Ng, who has had more than six years of experience in the events industry. Upcoming events include yoga sessions and an adults-only superhero and beer-themed event. The store has also held a Halloween-themed event, an embroidery workshop, and an accessory-making workshop. (Keep updated of upcoming events here.)


Image: City of Tomorrow


The founders envision the store as a constantly interactive and engaging space.  When the Town Square is not hosting events like silent movie nights, workshops, or yoga classes, it has fully functional foosball and Ping-Pong tables made of cardboard that shoppers are free to use, and which can be moved aside easily when needed.

While City of Tomorrow now already stocks at least 53 brands and is constantly welcoming new ones to join, brands are not added on a whim – Chiang herself carefully curates the labels in the store “by their stories”. “We are very particular about the brands that come in. We don’t want just something to sell, but we want the brands to be able to tell a story.”